Unity Games by Tutorials Giveaway Winners – and Last Day For Discount!

Check out the winning entries in our Unity Games by Tutorials giveaway — and don’t forget it’s the last day for the book discount! By Chris Belanger.

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Unity Games by Tutorials Giveaway Winners – and Last Day For Discount!

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On Wednesday, we launched the complete version of our newest book, Unity Games by Tutorials — a full 24 chapters and over 600 pages of Unity gaming goodness.

As part of the celebration, we held a surprise giveaway with ten free PDF copies of Unity Games by Tutorials, along with some sweet Unity and raywenderlich.com swag:


Read on to see who the winners are — and how you can get the launch discount before it’s too late!

Giveaway Winners

Entry to the giveaway was simple, and asked that you answer one question:

What game would you love to build in Unity?

We were blown away at the responses — you all have amazing ideas for games!

There was a lot of gaming nostalgia in the comments: lots of people wanted to build clones of old Amiga or Atari games, or make games similar to Legend of Zelda, King’s Quest, or Baldur’s Gate. Ah, the memories. :]

Some commented they would build educational games for their children; others wanted to build the next great 2D platformer or even amazing VR and AR-enabled games. We’re overwhelmed by how creative and ambitious you all are!

We’ve randomly selected 10 winners from the comments, who each win a free PDF copy of Unity Games by Tutorials, and for those winners with a U.S. mailing address, a great-looking Unity hat and a raywenderlich.com magnet set.

The winners are below!


“A match-3 tutorial, even porting your swift and objective-c Cookie Crunch game would be fantastic!” — kevinkaye


“I would make an outrun-metal slug-alex kid mix. Quite a challenge” — wahav


“I would love to re-create the Commodore 64 game EOS Earth Orbit Stations in Unity!” — jtrimble


“I would love to make a game like the legend of zelda, zelda gives an awesome game experience and I would love to be able to some day build a game that gives an amazing user experience.” — stanleyoned


“Right now I have about 25 – 30 ideas written down, but if i had to choose one to do today I would flip a coin for either an isometric cyberpunk stealth game (hacking is a mini-game) or a third-person Sci-Fi exploration story.” — beoxs


“I’m thinking a Qix game in 3d.” — pcbookworm


“A game based on a long time Australian pastime that will be hilarious and a lot of fun. Currently in early iOS dev stage but I’d love to move it to Unity.” — brettb


“It would be nice for me to make a game called RESOLF in Unity! I think it develops your arithmetic and math skills joyfully” — resolf


“I’d love to build an AR treasure hunt game” — fevangelista


“I’d make a semi-persistent 2D fantasy RPG, with a focus on loot and story.” — wolffen

Congratulations to all of the lucky winners, and thanks so much for being a part of the raywenderlich.com community! We will be in touch with you shortly to let you know how to collect your prizes.

Where To Go From Here?

If you haven’t checked out the trailer for Unity Games by Tutorials yet, click the video below to see what the book has in store for you:

And remember — today is your last chance for our special launch price of $10 off Unity Games by Tutorials. And you can also get an additional 10% off on this book — or anything else in our store — with the code IOS10FEAST.

The $10 off discount expires at the end of Friday, Nov 4, so be sure to snag it while you still can at the raywenderlich.com store!

Thanks again for all of your amazing ideas for new games. We truly hope you enjoy the book, and we wish you much success in your Unity journey!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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