Updated Course: Intermediate Core Data

In this 7-part course on Intermediate Core Data, you’ll learn about versioning and migration, unit testing, performance and profiling, and more. By Luke Parham.

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Updated Course: Intermediate Core Data

2 mins

Last week, we updated our popular Beginning Core Data course for Swift 3 & iOS 10.

This week, we’re happy to announce we updated the follow-up course for Swift 3 & iOS 10 too: Intermediate Core Data!

In this 7-part course, you’ll bring your Core Data skills to the next level, including learning about versioning and migrations, unit testing, performance and profiling, and more.

If you know the basics of Core Data but want to go a bit deeper, this is the course for you. Let’s take a look at what’s inside!


Video 1: Introduction. Gives an overview of what’s inside the course, and why each part is important to know in practice.


Video 2: Predicates and Sorting. Get a more in-depth look at fetch requests and learn about the different types of result types you can use.


Video 3: Versioning and Migrations. Learn how to migrate an older data store to a newer one by using custom migration tools like mapping models and entity migration policies.


Video 4: Unit Testing. Learn about writing basic unit tests and as well as asynchronous tests.


Video 5: Profiling and Performance. Learn how to use the Core Data template to analyze fetch requests.


Video 6: Query Generations. Learn how query generations can prevent a class of crashes and make users’ experience better at the same time.


Video 7: Conclusion. Get an overview of what you’ve learned so far and where to learn more.

Where To Go From Here?

Want to check out the course? You can watch the introduction for free!

The rest of the course is for raywenderlich.com subscribers only. Here’s how you can get access:

  • If you are a raywenderlich.com subscriber: The entire course is complete and available today You can check out the first part here.
  • If you are not a subscriber yet: What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to get access to our updated Intermediate Core Data course and our entire catalog of over 500 videos.

We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more new Swift 3 courses and updates to come! :]


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