Updated Course: Custom Controls in iOS

Check out our 12-course video series on how to add custom controls in iOS. Includes examples of a deluxe button, a 3-ring control, and even a drawing app! By Catie Catterwaul.

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Updated Course: Custom Controls in iOS

4 mins

Did you know that since WWDC, we’ve released 12 new or updated courses for raywenderlich.com subscribers? This represents 900+ minutes and 100+ videos of Swift 3 content!

Well, today these numbers just got 10 videos higher, thanks to the release of our latest course: Custom Controls in iOS.

Custom controls can help users better interact with your app, and can help your app stand out from the crowd. In this course for intermediate to advanced iOS developers, you’ll learn how to create your own!

Specifically, you’ll create a “deluxe button”, a concentric ring control like in the Apple Watch activity app, and a custom sketch pad. You’ll learn the three different techniques to create custom controls – composition, layers, and Core Graphics – and when each is appropriate to use.

And best yet – with this course you get not one, but two instructors! My husband, Jessy Catterwaul, and I have the honor of giving you the guided tour.

And with that – let’s begin!

Video 1: Introduction. Find out what’s covered in our Custom Controls in iOS video course!

Video 2: Your First Custom Control. Learn how to compose UIKit components to build your first custom control, all within a playground.

Video 3: Interaction and UIControl. Learn about the interaction options available for custom controls, enable user interaction on the Deluxe Button, and test in a playground live view.

Video 4: Integration with Interface Builder. Learn how to properly integrate your custom controls with Interface Builder with IBInspectable and IBDesignable, massively improving the design time experience.

Video 5: Drawing with Layers Learn how to create complex custom controls using Core Animation layers and begin building a Three Ring Control.

Video 6: Advanced Layers. Dive deep into Core Animation layers to put the finishing touches on the ring layer of your custom control by adding a shadow.

Video 7: Control Animation 1. Learn how to sprinkle a little bit of animation magic onto your three ring custom control.

Video 8: Control Animation 2. Finish up the animation for the three ring custom control.

Video 9: Control Reuse. Learn how to move a control into a dynamic framework, making it a self-contained component which can be reused across multiple projects.

Video 10: Core Image and Core Graphics. Learn how to employ Core Image and Core Graphics to draw the interface of the Colorgon color picker.

Video 11: Gesture Recognizers. Learn how to build a custom gesture recognizer for the Colorgon color picker.

Video 12: Conclusion. Review what you’ve learned in this course and get some hints and tips on how to approach building your own custom controls.

Where To Go From Here?

Want to check out the course? You can watch the introduction for free!

The rest of the course is for raywenderlich.com subscribers only. Here’s how you can get access:

  • If you are a raywenderlich.com subscriber: The entire course is complete and available today. You can check out the first part here.
  • If you are not a subscriber yet: What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to get access to our updated Custom Controls in iOS course and our entire catalog of over 500 videos.

There’s much more in store for raywenderlich.com subscribers – if you’re curious, you can check out our full schedule of upcoming courses.

Jessy and I hope you enjoy our course, and stay tuned for many more new Swift 3 courses and updates to come! :]

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Catie Catterwaul


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