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$99/year subscriptions, book bundles starting at $99.97 and all books at 50% off — it’s our biggest Cyber Monday sale ever! By Chris Belanger.

Save for later

If you missed last week’s Black Friday sale, don’t worry: the sale is still on until the end of today, Cyber Monday. So you have one last chance!

This year, everything in our store is on sale:

This is the biggest sale we’ve ever had, and is a great chance to get something you’ve had your eye on.

Here are the details on what’s available for you this Cyber Monday!

$99/year Video Subscriptions

A subscription would normally run you $240 per year — but you can lock in the special subscription rate of just $99/year — and you’ll keep this price every year after that for as long as you keep your subscription!

“…I have to say that I loved the videos so far and I am grateful to have them available to help me learn. I learned already so much in just a couple of days.” –Céline Jost

With a subscription, you’re not just getting access to one course or a few courses. You get access to every single video on the site — over 3,000 and counting! — and you’ll get access to any future courses as well.

RW Complete Collection Bundle: $499.97

Get every single book in our library — a whopping $2,319.60 in value — for just just $499.97 during our Cyber Monday event. That’s less than $13 per book!

This bundle also includes access to our RWDevCon 2018 Vault, with 18 video sessions and four half-day workshops from our RWDevCon 2018 conference, along with the 500-page conference book.

Advanced iOS & Swift Bundle: $199.97

Looking to level up your iOS and Swift skills? You’ve come to the right place with this advanced bundle:

These books have a combined value of $579.90. But today, you can get this killer library of iOS and Swift books for just $199.97over 65% off!

Advanced Android & Kotlin Bundle: $99.97

We’ve bundled our best selection of intermediate and advanced Android and Kotlin books to help you stay at the top of your game:

Bought separately, these books would cost $269.95. But during this sale, you can get all of these books for just $99.97over 60% off!

Beginning iOS & Swift Bundle: $99.97

Just getting started with your career in iOS and Swift development? We’ve hand-picked the best books to put you on the right path:

Anyone who bought these at full price would have paid $269.95. But you can grab these must-have beginning books for just $99.97 — a whopping 60% off!

Beginning Android & Kotlin Bundle: $99.97

Diving into Android or Kotlin development can be challenging, for sure! Give yourself the gift of our straightforward, step-by-step books that teach you the “just right” approach to getting started:

If you were to buy them separately, you’d pay $269.95. But today, you can get our best books to get started with Android and Kotlin development for just $99.97 — that’s 60% off!

50% Off All Books

If the bundles don’t quite fit your needs, no worries! Every single digital edition book is on sale for 50% off! And remember: Every digital edition of our books comes with free updates for the life of the book!

Where to Go From Here?

“ helped me leave a dead end job and enter a career that I enjoy. And now, the regular content helps me stay ahead of the game.” –Josh Woods

Make this the year where you double down on your professional development! With our Cyber Monday deals on books and subscriptions, there’s never been a better time to invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

The countdown is on — I’d hate for you to miss out. Grab your best deals of the year before it’s too late!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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