Readers’ App Reviews – April 2017

Check out some apps released by readers in April, including an app to help you count calories! By Ryan Poolos.

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A new Mac Pro is on the way! I was as surprised as you to hear the news.

I’m very excited to see what Apple has in store for a modern pro device. But sadly, we’ll have to wait a little while longer.

While we’re waiting, I’d like to share the latest apps released by readers like you. These are apps built with the help of our books, videos, and free tutorials.

This month I’m sharing:

  • An app to help you count calories
  • A game for the math wiz in all of us
  • An app to keep our hard drives tidy
  • And of course, much more!

Keep reading to see the latest apps released by readers like you.


Losing or gaining weight can be a hard task. Often times its not just about exercise but dietary changes. But keeping track of those dietary changes can be the hardest part.

FoodMood is a food diary that will motivate you to eat better and help you keep track or what you eat for each meal. You’ll be able to track what you ate for each meal or snack every day. FoodMood will tally your calories and keep an eye on your daily budget.

It also tracks a few extra things that can help you. Each time you eat it asks if you ate because you were hungry, craving, or sad. Sometimes its not just hunger that drives us!

It also allows you to see analysis of your hungriest times of the day be that Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner. Getting an idea of where your largest intakes are might help you figure out areas to cut or when you should consider exercise.

If you’re tracking your diet, you should give FoodMood a change to help you track it better.


If you’ve been hoping to practice your division and prime factor skills while having some fun at the same time, look no further!

Divi is a game entirely focused on quick identification of multiples and prime factors. You’ll see a number and be asked if it is divisible by one of two numbers, both, or neither. The game play is that simple. Once your mind warms up it can be quite addicting to see how far you can get.

Divi has 3 game modes, Classic, Rush, and Endless. Endless is just a stream where you last as long as you can without getting an answer wrong. Rush gives you 60 seconds to get as many as you can correct. Classic gives you 10 seconds per number but if you get one wrong its over.

Give Divi a try, you might be surprised how hard it is to quickly calculate prime factors.

Things Speak

ThingSpeak is an open source Internet of Things data monitoring protocol used for all sorts of things from weather polling, to energy consumption tracking, to solar installation management. There are tons of public channels with lots of information available. Things Speak will unlock all that right on your iPhone or iPad.

Just enter a channel number and Things Speak will pull down the latest data available. You can adjust tons of settings starting with how many of the latest values you’d like to see. Adjust visualization settings for the graph and how the data is presented be that normal, averaged, or summed up. Things Speak supports up to 8 fields of data from each channel.

Things Speak also makes it easy to favorite channels for ones you frequently check on. And if you’re checking a channel’s data really frequently you can even set up a widget that will show you the latest data at all times. Perfect for your personal weather polling station perhaps.


Colourinz is a an adult coloring book right on your iPhone or iPad.

Coloring for adults has had an uptick in recent years. Color can be very relaxing while helping you flex your creative side. This app gives you beautiful and detailed works of art to fill in with colors of your choice.

The color palettes are organized and easy to use. The drawing is responsive. Even on your small iPhone using your finger, its easy to pinch to zoom and color just the section you’re aiming for.

Download Colourinz today and color to your hearts content anywhere you are.

Tank Tank One – World War 2 Hero

Tank Tank One is a real time artillery battle in your pocket!

Take control of a tank on the field in a battle for its life. Large battlefields before you to be conquered. You can drive your tank left or right on command and fire at will. Try to destroy the other tanks before they destroy you. Each shell you fire can leave a crater in a ground. Be careful of your reckless fire to avoid destroying your road to victory. Realistic physics break away the ground with each explosion.

It will take strategy and reflexes to conquer these enemies. But for each victory you are handsomely rewarded. Unlock bonuses and new units. Tank Tank One is easy to pick up and learn but you’ll have to practice to become the best.

Tap! Tap! Tap!

Tap! Tap! Tap! is a unique and addictive block breaking game. These Vikings need your help holding off a wave of mindless blocks!

Unlike most block breaking games, this one expands to the right instead of up. A column on the left is dropped into place pushing everything down every few seconds. You’re looking for matching blocks to tap and eliminate in pairs or more.

The longer you can last breaking enough blocks to prevent the columns from reaching the right side, the better. Try to beat your own highscores or challenge yourself and take on the world!

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