Command Line Basics Part 2: Intermediate Command Line

Get started with the command line and then take your knowledge to the next level right away! Learn how to search and sort through directories and files, and how to take your knowledge and turn it into scripts you can use to automate away tedious tasks. By Luke Parham.

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Command Line Basics Part 2: Intermediate Command Line

3 mins

Part two of our new course, Command Line Basics, is ready today! In the second and final part of this course, you’ll move on to a few intermediate topics like customizing your shell, looking at the difference between two versions of a file, and changing file permissions.

Finally, bring your command line skills up to the next level with Bash Scripting, and find out how it can help you automate tedious tasks.

Part 2: Intermediate Command Line

Introduction: In this introduction, get a quick overview of what’s to come in the second half of our course.

Customizing Bash: Get a feel for what it’s like to edit config files in Bash and how you can bend the system to your will.

Diff: Sometimes you need to look at what has changed between two versions of a file. If that’s the case, diff has got you covered!

Challenge: Undoing a Bad Patch: And sometimes you realize you really don’t want the changes that have been made to a given file. Not to worry, the patch command has you covered there too!

File System: After working with the filesystem for so long, it’s good to take a step back and think about what’s really going on. In this video you’ll get an idea of what a file really is.

File Permissions: Now that you’ve seen how files work, it’s time to think about what file permissions are and how you can change them to suit your needs.

Bash Scripting: Tests and Ifs: In this introduction to Bash scripts, you’ll learn how to define variables as well as how to use "tests" and if-statements.

Bash Scripting: Loops and Switches: Next, you’ll learn how to add looping constructs and switch-statements to your bag of tricks.

Bash Scripting: Functions: Finally, we’ll end our tour of Bash by looking at how functions work.

Automating Your Job: Now that you’ve learned the basics, it’s time to test your skills by putting together a script that will make the lives of the designers on your team a little easier.

Challenge: Automating Your Job – Refactoring: In this challenge, you’ll refactor your script a little bit by pulling some functionality out into a re-usable function.

Conclusion: In the conclusion, we’ll recap what we’ve learned in this course, and find out where to go to learn more.

Where To Go From Here?

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