Android Background Processing Part 2: JobScheduler and WorkManager

Learn about letting your app do work behind the scenes, starting with Threads & AsyncTasks, moving on to scheduling work, and finishing up with Services. By Joe Howard.

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Android Background Processing Part 2: JobScheduler and WorkManager

2 mins

Part two of our new Android Background Processing course is available today! In this part of the course, you’ll learn how to make your apps more battery friendly using two APIs: JobScheduler and WorkManager.

Take a look at how JobScheduler works by using it to periodically download a JSON data file, then switch to using WorkManager, part of the new Android Jetpack library, to perform the same task.

Part 2: JobScheduler and WorkManager

  1. Introduction: Learn about the need for efficient battery use for your background processing, and get an introduction to APIs that let you schedule work with the Android OS.
  2. JobService: Learn about the class that lets you define the work that you will schedule with the Android OS using JobScheduler.
  3. JobScheduler: See how to use the JobScheduler API to schedule the background synchronization of a remote file with your device storage.
  4. Challenge: JobScheduler: Practice what you’ve learned about JobScheduler and JobService to schedule your own JobService that logs a string on a background thread.
  5. WorkManager: Get an introduction to the new WorkManager API in Android Jetpack that will eventually replace JobScheduler as the API to use to schedule work with the OS.
  6. Conclusion: Let’s review what you’ve covered about JobScheduler and WorkManager in this second part of Android Background Processing, and then discuss what’s next.

Where To Go From Here?

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Stay tuned for more new and updated courses to come. I hope you enjoy the course! :]