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It’s your last chance to get Living by the Code at its special launch price of just $19.99! Don’t miss out! By Tiffani Randolph.

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If you haven’t already ordered Living by the Code, today is your last day to get it for 30% off! Don’t miss this chance to add this must-have book to your development library for a discount!

Get Living by the Code for 30% Off

Living by the Code is a collection of 40+ interviews with some of the top mentors in the mobile community, such as Felix Krause, Annyce Davis, Fernando Cejas and Cate Huston.

The book is chock-full of expert advice on productivity, teamwork, leadership, career development, being a part of the community, and much more!

Whether you’re just starting out as a junior developer, or you’re thinking about going freelance, or you’re managing large teams and wondering how everyone else does it, you’ll find something in this book to help.

And until midnight tonight, you can get it for just $19.99,

Inspiration from people who have walked the same path you’re on right now

Living by the Code brings today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in the tech world, together in one single book, to share their personal stories and hard-won advice on how to get what you want out of your career, your teams, and your own personal life as well. Tech influencers such as…


“…when I left Spotify, I made a deal with myself: from now on, I’m going to try to dedicate 20% of my time to working for the community and trying to give back to the community.”
— John Sundell

“…the biggest things I look for in a leader are self-awareness and humility. These two characteristics open people up to admitting and learning from their own mistakes, which makes them very coachable — the effort you expend on coachable people is always multiplied.”
— Cate Huston

“…as I explore new technologies, frameworks, and design principles I always think to myself, ’This might make a great talk / blog post / course.’ I love creating content as much for others as for myself. I find the creative process very rewarding and it helps me to solidify the materials in my own mind.”
— Annyce Davis

“…don’t be afraid of not knowing…I’m interested when someone asks great questions which makes me think. Even better than always having the right answer is asking interesting questions.”
— Huyen Tue Dao

“…in order to learn you have to make mistakes all the time. You ought to not be afraid of making those mistakes…in order to open up your mind, to evolve your mindset, as well to understand what’s going on, to understand the culture.”
— Fernando Cejas

“…day-to-day, you contend with a lot of emails, meetings, documentation, etc. But sometimes you just wanna solve technical problems. You just wanna write code. I usually clearly define that zone; it helps to have a ritual around that.”

— Felix Krause

Sale Ends at Midnight Tonight

Our launch sale for Living by the Code ends in just a few hours. After that, you’ll have to pay full price if you want the book.

After tonight, the launch sale is over and you’ll have to pay full price. Don’t miss out!

Tiffani Randolph


Tiffani Randolph


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