Readers’ App Reviews – July 2017

Check out the apps released by readers in July, including an app to help you keep track of your recipes! By Stephan Dowless.

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Check out the apps released by readers in July, including an app to help you keep track of your recipes!

Note from Ray: Last month was Ryan Poolos‘s last column as our reader’s apps reviewer.

On behalf of the entire community, I’d like to thank Ryan for all of his hard work and selfless giving over the past few years, helping give our readers recognition and making their days just a little bit brighter. Thank you Ryan!

I’d also love to introduce our new columnist, Stephan Dowless. Stephan is fresh out out of college with a game design & marketing degree, and has been interested in getting into game reviews, so this should be right up his alley. Welcome, Stephan! :]

Hi everyone, this is Stephan, and I’m excited to be your new Readers’ Apps Reviewer!

After cleaning up the fireworks and storing all of the American flag apparel, everyone has been working on some new and exciting apps.

I’m honored you’re taking a quick break to see what the community has been building. Every month, readers like you release great apps built with a little help from our tutorials, books, and videos. I want to highlight a few today to give just a peek at what our fantastic readers are creating.

This month we have:

  • A classic Match Three game with a twist
  • An advanced multi-search app
  • An app to help you keep track of your recipes
  • And of course, much more!

Keep reading to see the latest apps released by readers like you.


Everyone knows and loves the classic match three genre of games. But none have been done in a way like Triumvirate.

Triumvirate is a spin on the match three genre of games by allowing you to place mixed up groups of colored orbs and dealing with the orbs that weren’t matched yet.

By placing groups that have the same colors in a line, you are able to remove the orbs when you have three. Then you must do the same to the remaining colors. It sounds a bit complicated but is easy to understand once you get into the game.

Triumvirate is a great way to spend your time if your waiting on something or someone for a few minutes or just love seeing how high your scores can go.


Do you always have hundreds of tabs open while you’re going on a searching spree for something you can quite remember the correct search term for? Instead of using multiple search engines and having hundreds of tabs open on your phone, you could just use Searchr.

Searchr allows you to add different search engines to a group, and then use one simultaneous search bar to look through all of their results at once.

You can search the App Store, Bing, Youtube, and Twitter about a cool app that you’re thinking about buying, and get all of the information about it all within the Searchr app. You can also add trigger words to your groups so that whenever you use certain keywords, and it will automatically switch your groups of search engines to one that matches that key word.

Searchr is a fantastic way to browse through multiple search engines all at once and see their results in a clear manner. Give it a try next time you’re on the hunt for something on the web.

BeatMirror: Beat detector for rhythm training

It’s inevitable: many musicians struggle to stay on tempo. Thankfully, Beat Mirror is here to help.

Beat Mirror is a neat app to help any music lover play at the right speed. It helps you to keep track of your tempo and gives you real time feedback of when you need to slow down or speed up.

Beat Mirror also has visual cues that allow you to see how many beats per minute you are off by as well as keeping track of your average tempo.

It’s quick, easy, and would be a huge help to any musician. Grab a group of buddies, download the app, pick a tempo, and jam out without worrying about anyone getting out of sync.

Let’s Surf

Surf’s up! Now you can know when and where the best spots to surf are in your area with the help of the Let’s Surf app.

This app helps you track and keep tabs on all of your favorite surfing spots. It also shows you the weather forecast, ocean currents, and swell of the waves to make sure that you’re finding the best possible conditions for your day of surfing.

Then, after you’ve found all of your favorite spots, you can save them so that you always know which places are the best. With the most recent update, you are able to take a picture within the app and share your favorite spots with your friends so that they can come and join you or just for rubbing it in their faces.

Let’s Surf will definitely help you spend more time surfing and less time driving!

Game’s World

Game’s World is a great app for video game lovers to be able to track news about new games, as well as visiting the history of the video game world by looking at the classics that started it all.

You are able to follow your favorite games to see new updates, get developer information, and watch videos all in one place. Game’s World helps you learn more about the titles that you love and share them with your friends. The app also lets you locate video game stores in your area so that you can find the closest place to pick up your games.

I’ve especially enjoyed reading about the newest games from this year and finding some that I’ve saved to my favorites. Download it today and become the ultimate video game connoisseur.

Chopstick Champion

Chopstick Champion allows you to explore the wonders of Asian food and culture through a fun interactive game. The game aims to educate the player by exposing them to historically accurate accounts of famous people and events.

You can play more to learn more, as well as upgrading your chopsticks and dishes in order to feed your character more efficiently. Before each match there is also a betting system that allows you to complete challenges faster in order to receive more rewards. But don’t get too over zealous, because if you bet too highly you could lose more than you bargained for. Overall, Chopstick Champions is a fun game with great art and music.

It successfully reaches its goal of being entertaining and educational. Download it for free and feed you gaming appetite while also learning something along the way.

Cookbook – Recipes manager

Sifting through paper after paper or website after website trying to find a recipe to use can be frustrating whenever there are so many options available.

Cookbook is an app that allows you to copy down your favorite recipes and have them all stored in one location on your phone. It allows you to select the category for the recipe, as well as the number of servings, preparation time, and ingredients.

You can easily search through your list of recipes and see everything you need in order to make your meals or snacks for the day. Adding pictures of your finished products to your recipe will also help you to locate them again.

After you’ve perfected your recipes, you can then share them with your friends and family so that they can enjoy your creations as well. Cookbook is a great aid for anyone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen!

P.S. I’m only a little obsessed with chocolate.

Where To Go From Here?

If you saw an app you liked, hop to the App Store and leave a review! A good review always makes a dev’s day. And make sure you tell them you’re from; this is a community of makers.

If you’ve never made an app, this is the month! Check out our free tutorials to become an iOS star. What are you waiting for – I want to see your app next month.

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