We Are Now Creating Flutter Tutorials!

We’ve launched an entire section devoted to Flutter on raywenderlich.com for new courses, screencasts and tutorials. Check it out! By Tiffani Randolph.

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raywenderlich.com is excited to announce that we are launching a brand-new section of the site dedicated to Flutter!

Flutter is the powerful and developer-friendly multi-platform toolkit from Google that lets you target mobile, web, and desktop all from a single codebase. Flutter’s popularity has grown tremendously since it reached beta in early 2018 and version 1.0 in late 2018.

With Flutter, you have the potential to drastically reduce your development time and effort for apps that target iOS, Android, and beyond!

Here’s a quick overview of what’s coming:

Why Flutter?

There have been a number of attempts to find the holy grail of cross-platform app development. Flutter is unique in that it matches native performance on both iOS and Android, and it features a well-defined and easy-to-use widget approach to UI development. In fact, the recent announcements of SwiftUI on iOS and Jetpack Compose on Android mirror the widget-based approach that’s been available on Flutter since it’s inception.

Flutter development is done using the Dart programming language. Like Swift and Kotlin, Dart is a modern language that features static typing and a multi-paradigm approach to programming.

New Flutter Section on raywenderlich.com

Just like our iOS, Android, Server-Side Swift and Unity sections on the site, we now have a brand-new section of raywenderlich.com dedicated to Flutter!

Just go to Explore ➤ Flutter:

And you’ll see this:

Meet our new Flutter section on raywenderlich.com!

Flutter page

This new section of raywenderlich.com is your ultimate resource for all the latest and greatest tutorials and articles to help you stay on top of everything you need to know about using Flutter.

And to spearhead our new Flutter section, we’ve brought on Brian Kayfitz as Team Lead for this new Flutter community!

Brian Kayfitz

Brian’s career had him working on video games, eCommerce, productivity, finance and travel apps. After spending years working as an iOS and Android developer, he sees Flutter as the next big pillar for mobile.

We want to support the growing Flutter community as best we can, so Brian will work with our Flutter team to develop lots of new content for our Flutter section over time.

Now — on to everything we’re launching with our new Flutter section!

Flutter Video Courses and Screencasts

Next is a curated collection of new and updated video courses and screencasts for raywenderlich.com subscribers!

These courses and screencasts are designed to get you up to speed on working with Flutter.

We’re launching our first Flutter video course this week:

New Course: Programming in Dart – Fundamentals

Programming in Dart - Fundamentals

In the course, you’ll learn the fundamental building blocks of Google’s open source programming language, Dart, the language for Flutter development. Go from variables and data types to control flow, functions, collections, and defining your own Dart classes.

We also have two Flutter screencasts:

Screencast: Getting Started with Flutter in Android Studio

Getting Started with Flutter in Android Studio

In this screencast, you’ll dive into Flutter by writing a cross-platform app using Android Studio.

Screencast: Flutter Navigation

Flutter Navigation

In this screencast, learn about routes, navigation, and custom transitions for mobile apps written using Flutter.

And there will be other video courses and screencasts to complement your Flutter learnings, including Your First Flutter App, Asynchronous Dart, and more!

Want to get access to these and other great video courses? This curated selection of courses is already included in your raywenderlich.com subscription. Don’t have a subscription? You can find out more about a raywenderlich.com subscription here.

Flutter Tutorials

We’ll also be releasing a pile of new and updated Flutter tutorials over the coming week, to help you learn more about topics like User Interface, Responsive Layout, App Architecture and more!

Where to Go From Here?

Flutter has become the fastest growing toolkit for cross-platform mobile development! Now is the time to get up to speed with Dart and Flutter, and begin to use Flutter as a tool in your mobile development arsenal.

To recap, here’s the schedule for our one-week Flutter launch:

  • August 26: Flutter site launch; Getting Started with Flutter and Responsive Design on Flutter tutorials.
  • August 27: Programming in Dart: Fundamentals video course; Flutter Navigation and Parsing JSON in Flutter tutorials.
  • August 28: Google Maps with Flutter and Using the Camera with Flutter tutorials.
  • August 29: Dart Basics tutorial and Dart Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference.
  • August 30: Getting Started with the BLoC Pattern and Flutter Text Rendering tutorials.

And this is only the beginning!

We’re committed to creating more new tutorials, courses, and screencasts on Flutter development, with the goal of becoming the “go-to” community for everything related to Flutter.

We can’t thank you enough for all of your continued support. Be sure to stay tuned for more Flutter tutorials!

Do you want to write Flutter tutorials with us? If you are passionate about Flutter and are looking to establish yourself as a Flutter expert, drop us a note and let us know!

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