Introduction to Unity Scripting – Part 1

Scripting is an essential part of making even the simplest of games. These small collections of code work together to do all sorts of things. By Eric Van de Kerckhove.

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Where to Go From Here?

You can download the finished project by clicking on the Download Materials buttons at the top or bottom of this tutorial.

If you want to know more about Unity's API, check out these handy resources:

Once you're ready to go a step further in scripting with Unity, check out the second part of this tutorial. Here, you'll invite a whole flock of woolly friends and learn how to:

  • Create lists and iterate them.
  • Update UI elements.
  • Use the Event System.
  • Make use of the Singleton pattern.
  • Pass data between scenes to customize a game.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any questions or comments, join the forum discussion below!