Kodeco Book Clubs: SwiftUI Apprentice

We’re excited to announce the launch of our iOS Kodeco Book Club, featuring SwiftUI Apprentice, and you’re invited!

What are Kodeco Book Clubs?

Kodeco Book Clubs are the best and fastest way to get up to speed on key mobile development topics. In these 10 to 12-week sessions, hosted by experts from our team, you’ll get to experience our best-selling books in a live video format, at a relaxed, chapter-by-chapter pace, and really get to understand these concepts in a deep, meaningful way.

When do Kodeco Book Clubs take place?

We’re launching our first book clubs in July 2023: one for iOS, and one for Android. Check the schedule below for detailed dates and times!

How do I join the Kodeco SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club?

Kodeco Book Clubs are available to all of our subscribing members at no extra charge!

You can find the registration link in the Member’s Only section of our forums:


Note: Can’t access the link above, even though you’re a subscriber? Email community@kodeco.com and if your account is in good standing, we’ll get it sorted!

Not a member yet? You can become a fully-fledged Kodeco member by signing up for our Personal Subscription here:

What is the schedule for the SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club?

The SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club starts July 11, 2023! Here is the current draft schedule and chapters for the book club sessions (subject to change):

  • July 11 2023: Checking Your Tools
  • July 18 2023: Planning a Paged App
  • July 25 2023: Prototyping the Main View
  • August 1 2023: Prototyping Supplementary Views
  • August 8 2023: Moving Data Between Views
  • August 15 2023: Observing Objects
  • August 22 2023: Saving Settings
  • August 29 2023: Saving History Data
  • September 5 2023: Refining Your App
  • September 12 2023: Working With Datasets
  • September 19 2023: Managing Data With Property Wrappers
  • September 26 2023: Apple App Development Ecosystem

Some sessions may combine two chapters into one, but we’ll update the schedule accordingly as time goes on!

All sessions for the SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club are tentatively scheduled for 10:00AM UTC.

Who is the host for the SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club?

Your host for the SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club is expert team member Beau Nouvelle, from the Get Swifty YouTube channel!

Beau is a Full Stack Swift Development Consultant and Indie Developer with over 10 years of iOS and Mac development experience. He’s the author of “Simulations in Swift”, creates content for the GetSwifty YouTube channel, and is a part time mentor for RMITs iOS course. Outside of “work” Beau loves using code to create generative art, messing with electronics, and playing D&D with his Wife and friends. He also has two pups and should probably share photos of them on Twitter more often!

Will the sessions be recorded?

One of our most frequently-asked questions! 😄 Yes, all sessions will be recorded and available on our members-only forums, here:


However, we truly suggest that you try to attend the sessions live, as that is the best way to ask questions of the host “in the moment” as you work through the chapter.

Will there be discussion forums for the book club?

Absolutely! All of our book clubs will have chapter-by-chapter discussion forums in our exclusive members-only section, where you can ask questions outside of the live session.

Next steps

Taking part in the Kodeco SwiftUI Apprentice Book Club is easy:

We’re excited for this next chapter (oh! Didn’t see that pun coming) in our member offerings here at Kodeco. See you on the inside!