RW Accelerator: Flutter – Schedule

All the bootcamp scheduling details for RW Accelerate: Flutter!

RW Accelerator: Flutter Bootcamp Schedule

Wondering what the upcoming schedule is for your bootcamp? Look no further!

Week 1 – August 15

This is your introduction to your Flutter apprenticeship! Your first task is to build a basic app from scratch, giving you the chance to get the hang of the tools and the basic Flutter app structure. You’ll customize the app and find out how to use a few popular widgets like ListView and Slider to update your UI in response to changes.

Week 2 – August 22

Now that you’ve gotten into your first app, you’ll go under the hood to take a deeper look at the Dart programming language! Learn the fundamental building blocks of Dart, through hands-on exercises with data types, comparison and logical operators, functions, operators, and more.

Week 3 – August 29

This week you’ll dig deeper and investigate more fundamental elements of Dart, including control flow to modify the execution of your code. You’ll also dig into functions and classes, and implement them in your app to learn how they work using hands-on exercises and challenges.

Week 4 – September 5

With some solid Dart skills in your toolbox, it’s time to craft some more advanced code. Discover the concepts of nullability and null safety, how to build and work with collections, dig into more extension methods, and finish off by learning how concurrency and asynchronous concepts work in Dart.

Week 5 – September 12

This is your week to go further with your Flutter apps; you’ll gain exposure to more advanced features like network calls, list views, concurrency, and how to animate your app’s hero section.

Week 6 – September 19

In Flutter, everything’s a widget! Flutter uses a declarative approach to building out widgets, and you’ll get plenty of experience with this as you work with various out-of-the-box Flutter widgets and learn how to craft your own custom Widgets in the process.

Week 7 – September 25

Coding is great, until you hit that one bug that you just can’t fix! Learn the fundamentals of debugging in Flutter, including how to create breakpoints, inspect variables, how to decipher the call stack, how to debug with Android Studio, and more!

Week 8 – October 3

User interfaces are really just state machines in disguise. That’s why it’s important to understand how to manage state in Flutter apps. The Flutter framework handles some of this for you, but you’ll also need to understand how to manage state yourself throughout your app.

Week 9 – October 10

Flutter comes with a few fun things out-of-the box, such as some UI transition effects known as Material Transitions. But once you understand how these work, you can use these effects along with implicit animations to achieve some really stunning and engaging effects in your app.

Week 10 – October 17

Storing data for your apps and retrieving it later is an important skill — and there’s multiple ways to store that data. You’ll investigate multiple methods of persisting and retrieving data, including shared preferences, JSON and serialization, and SQLite.

Week 11 – October 24

Carrying on the theme of data persistence, you’ll move along to learning all about Firebase and Google’s Firestore database. This is a cloud-based solution that lets you persist data online in a modern and dependable way.

Week 12 – October 31

You’re nearly done! This week is dedicated to polishing your capstone portfolio apps, and your instructors will also be available to help you out with the more esoteric elements of Flutter app building.

Week 13 – November 7

It’s graduation week! All of your hard work has paid off, and you’re nearly done. But just before you head out into the job search market with your new-found skills, you’ll spend the week preparing for the job search and interview process with your expert mentors.
You’ll learn what stands out to recruiters, how to handle technical interviews, and other tactics that will put you ahead of the competition in your job search as a new Flutter developer.