Razeware Inc Announces Janet Shih as Head of Content

Janet joins to lead a 300-person content operation and serve on the Senior Leadership team of Razeware.

MAY 31, 2022

Razeware Inc Announces Janet Shih as Head of Content

Razeware Inc, the organization behind the award-winning educational site raywenderlich.com, welcomes Janet Shih as Head of Content. Janet brings more than a decade’s worth of EdTech experience, from leading instructional and learning systems design at General Assembly and Career Foundry, and is looking forward to helping the raywenderlich.com community with new and innovative learning experiences in the tech space.

“Janet’s hiring is significant in that she brings a massive amount of experience in leadership and instructional design to our growing content team,” said Matt Derrick, Razeware’s CEO. “She’s demonstrated great leadership, and we’re confident that Janet is the best person to help grow our teams, as well as venture out into new directions for our content.”

The raywenderlich.com content team comprises more than 300 expert-level developers from around the globe, who have worked for more than a decade to bring the highest-quality learning materials to mobile developers everywhere. Taking the reins of an accomplished team like this and leading them to new heights is no small task, but Janet says she’s eager to help write the next chapters of the raywenderlich.com story.

“It’s an exciting honor to be joining such a dynamic team,” said Janet. “There is such an incredibly strong base of content upon which to build, and as I’ve had the opportunity to talk with the team over the last little while, I’ve grown even more excited about the potential of this team, and the organization as a whole.”

About Razeware

Razeware is the company behind raywenderlich.com, which over the past 10 years has published over 4,000 videos, 2,000 articles, and 50 books. This content has made a difference in the lives of thousands of developers across the world, helping them to get their first job as a mobile developer, grow their careers, or create the app of their dreams.

Media Contact:

Chris Belanger
CMO, Razeware