Readers’ App Reviews – October 2017

Check out some apps released by readers this October, including a compilation creation app, a Machine Learning camera app, and more! By Stephan Dowless.

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Halloween is on its way, and apps by readers are spookier than ever!

OK, maybe they’re not that spooky. But they are still awesome! :]

Every month, readers like you release great apps built with a little help from our tutorials, books, and videos. I want to highlight a few today to give just a peek at what our fantastic readers are creating.

This month we have:

  • A compilation creation app
  • A Pirate Match 3 game
  • A Machine Learning camera app
  • And of course, much more!

Keep reading to see the latest apps released by readers just like you.


Sharing self-made video compilations with your friends and family has never been easier thanks to SnapThread.

SnapThread is an app that lets you select videos and live photos from your photo library, rearrange them into any order you’d like, and then share them across many platforms including Facebook and Snapchat!

Don’t worry, you will also be able to preview your creation before you send it to make sure it’s perfect. The app is very user friendly and you’ll be able to make the most out of it the second you launch it.

Honestly, this is one of the best apps I’ve seen for simple compilation creation. Download SnapThread and turn all your small clips into one awesome compilation of fun and enjoyment!

Pirates! – The Match 3

Match Three games have seen many iterations, but not many take on the stylistic qualities of everyone’s favorite scallywags, the pirates!

Pirates! – The Match 3, succeeds at stylizing the match three genre into a pirate theme. The art and music complement each other very well and set the tone for treasure hunting via the game’s match three mechanic.

There are over 130 levels to play, each with different goals to achieve. Some levels have you break open certain objects by making matches around them, while others have you clearing a background of sand in order to find buried coins. After you’ve completed those levels, keep a sharp eye on the horizon because more are coming soon!

Overall, Pirates! – The Match 3 is a fun game that I will definitely be playing more of. You should download it and play too!


Learning the Spanish language can be difficult, especially when it comes to verb conjugations. That’s where Conjugar has your back!

Conjugar was made with verb conjugations in mind as it has a huge database of many Spanish verbs, some that follow the normal rules and some that don’t. This database shows you every conjugation of that verb and shows you the places where they don’t follow the normal conjugation rules.

Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the verbs, head into quiz mode and challenge yourself with a series of questions.

Download Conjugar today and see how high you can get your score. You will also learn a lot of Spanish along the way!

Sky Mice

We will never get tired of the run ’em and gun ’em style games and I know I won’t get tired of this one. SkyMice is an awesome game where you have to save your mouse friends from and evil crocodile commander in his sky castle.

You play as a mouse pilot named Wisk who must fight and conquer crocodile bosses through many different stages in order to reach the crocodile commander. There are over 50 levels for you to play through, each with a variety of enemies to fight.

Every ten levels unlocks a new area with new scenery to spice things up a bit. Along the way, look out for power-up drop boxes that will help you defeat your enemies quicker or maybe stop you from taking too much damage.

Your mouse friends need you! Download SkyMice and free your friends from the crocodile commander’s clutches.

ML Camera

Machine Learning is one of the hot new topics in today’s tech world and this app aims to show some of the capabilities of those systems through your phone’s camera.

ML Camera tries to classify whatever object is in its view using a list of over one thousand categories. The app also displays what the object is as well as how correct it’s prediction is. There are options for different types of classifications like whole scenes or just specific objects.

While the app itself doesn’t do anything more that that, it is a fantastic demonstration of how far machine learning has come and where it may be headed in the future.

See how many things ML Camera can classify correctly by downloading it and pointing your camera at everything you own. It’s fun to do, especially when it thinks your headset is a space shuttle!


JQuest is a fun twin-stick shooter with a fantasy or medieval art style, plus some role-playing aspects.

You can pick from three different character styles and delve into dungeons in search of gold. Watch out for the guardians of the gold though. They are pretty unforgiving and will take you out as soon as they get the chance.

There are twenty levels for you to play through, each getting increasingly difficult as you move forward. But there are upgrades that you can purchase with your gold to help you complete the more challenging ones.

JQuest is simple, fun, and a great way to entertain yourself. Download it and try to complete all 20 levels today!

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