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Being a great developer and succeeding on your career journey takes more than great dev skills. We’ve gathered some of the best insights from our team members to help you level up in all areas of your professional growth.

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Career Insights

  • How to Get a Job After a Coding Bootcamp: So you’ve graduated from a coding bootcamp and want to get your first job. Read this article to learn what you should consider, where you should apply and how to boost your odds of landing an interview. Read here.
  • Effective Phone Screen Interview Tactics for Mobile Developers: Learn how to ace a phone screen interview including how to prepare for the interview, the questions you can expect to field and who is likely to interview you. Read here.
  • Earn While You Learn: 5 Jobs to Launch Your Tech Career: If you want to break into tech but you aren’t quite ready to be a programmer yet, read this article by computer science professor Jennifer Bailey. It covers five jobs that will help you bolster your resume for a programming career while you’re still learning to code. Read here.
  • Running a Successful iOS Consulting Company: Learn how to run a successful iOS Consulting Company in this interview with long-time Mac/iOS developer Kyle Richter. Read here.
  • Scrum Of One: How to Bring Scrum Into Your One-Person Operation: Are you an indie developer who’s looking to get more done? Bring the power of Scrum to your app company with Ten Kettles’ one-person Scrum. Read here.
  • Mock Interview Techniques for Tech Job Searchers: Boost your chance of landing a dream job by learning what a coding mock interview is, how to prepare, where to find questions and how to evaluate yourself. Read here.

Professional Growth

  • Why Even Well-Paid Software Engineers Need Professional Branding: If you think that building a personal brand isn’t worth your while, think again. This article shows you how branding yourself is important, even if you are happy in your current career. Read here.
  • Professional Networking at Virtual Conferences: How to Connect Online: Virtual conferences help you build your professional network easily and affordably. Find out how and why to use virtual conferences to create a strong and supportive network. Read here.
  • Learning Techniques for Programmers, by Programmers: As a programmer, you know there’s a constant need to stay up-to-date with technologies you love, as well as the ones you don’t — you need to keep learning to stay relevant in your industry. Get tips and tricks from a fellow programmer. Read here.


  • Swift Interview Questions and Answers: Work through a series of Swift-specific interview questions and answers. Read here.
  • iOS Interview Questions: Prepare for your iOS interview by reviewing these iOS interview questions – and get some practical tips along the way! Read here.


  • Android Interview Questions and Answers: learn Android-specific interview questions and answers. Read here.


  • Flutter Interview Questions and Answers: work through a series of Flutter and Dart job interview questions and answers. Read here.


Soft Skills and Career Advice

Living by the Code by Enrique López-Mañas: Living by the Code brings the experiences and insights of over 40 of today’s top developers, leaders and innovators in tech together in one single book, to help you grow your career in today’s ever-changing technical landscape. It’s like having dozens of tech’s best mentors — right at your fingertips. Start reading for free today.


  • What’s Your Why? by Jaimee Newberry: In this inspirational talk, Jaimee Newberry explains how we can use the concepts from design to better understand our own lives and focus on what’s important. Read more and watch here.
  • The Weird and Wacky World of App Marketing by Jeremy Olson: Apple Design Award winner Jeremy Olson shares how he made the journey from app maker to marketer and reveals the secrets he has learned marketing Tapity’s top apps. Read more and watch here.
  • Embracing Failure by Janie Clayton: Learning from our failures is a great way to improve ourselves. In this talk Janie urges you to be willing to embrace failure and use it to help you grow. Read more and watch here.


  • Finding the Next iOS Job with Jeff Rames and Lea Marolt. Read more and listen here.
  • Enriching Your Dev Career with Sean Allen. Read more and listen here.
  • The Social Justice Ladder with Cate Huston. Read more and listen here.
  • Merging Creativity and Tech with Corey Leigh Latislaw. Read more and listen here.
  • The Joy of Transparent and Asynchronous Work with Joe Birch. Read more and listen here.