Scroll View School Course Updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11 in October, 2017

This course covers the various aspects of scrolling from manipulating frames and bounds all the way to building custom pull to refresh solutions. By Brian Moakley.

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Last week, we released an update to our Beginning Collection Views course. Today, we’re excited to share Scroll View School with you, updated for Swift 4 and iOS 11!

In this 34-video course, you’ll learn various aspects of implementing scroll views from manipulating frames and bounds to facing Auto Layout challenges. You’ll also explore some cool use cases for scroll views, like paging controls and custom pull to refresh solutions!

Let’s have a look at what’s inside.

Part 1: Beginning Scroll Views

In this first part, you’ll learn the basics of scroll views, including how to set the content size and solve Auto Layout challenges.

Part 1: Beginning Scroll Views

This section contains 12 videos:

  1. Introduction: Scroll views are used everywhere in iOS. In this video, you’ll learn where they are used and why they are important to learn.
  2. Frames and Bounds: Every view has a frame and has bounds. This video introduces these concepts and how they relate to scroll views.
  3. DIY Scroll View: By writing a little code, you can write your own Do-It-Yourself custom scroll view.
  4. Challenge: Update Frame and Bounds: In this challenge, you’ll see how frames and bounds work by altering these properties. Your job is to write the code.
  5. Your First Scroll View: Now that you have an idea of how a scroll view works, you’ll be introduced to using the UIScrollView that is included with iOS.
  6. Challenge: Set Content Size: Setting the content size determines the scrolling size of scroll view. In this video, you’ll learn how to set it.
  7. Zooming: Pinch to zoom is a great way to increase or decrease the size of a view. In this video, you’ll learn how to implement it.
  8. Centering Content: This video will show you the process of centering the content by way of adding padding.
  9. Auto Layout: Learn how to setup constraints in your scroll views in order to layout your views.
  10. Challenge: Auto Layout in a Scroll View: In this challenge, create a simply layout in a scroll view, using constraints.
  11. Stack Views: Stacks Views are great to create layouts, but can be a pain when dealing with Auto Layout. This video will walk you through the issues.
  12. Conclusion: This wraps up the section on beginning scroll views. In this video, you’ll get a glimpse at the next section.

Part 2: Intermediate Scroll Views

Dig into more advanced scroll topics such as nesting scroll views, content insets, and paging controls!

Part 2: Intermediate Scroll Views

This section contains 11 videos:

  1. Introduction: This video provides an overview of some of the topics that will be covered in this part of the course.
  2. Embedding Layouts Often times, you’ll need to embed existing layouts into a scroll view. This video will show you how to do it.
  3. Nesting Scroll Views: Sometimes you’ll need to embed a scroll view inside of a scroll view. This video shows how to do it without any issues.
  4. Content Insets: Content insets are where you can add padding to a scroll view. This video will show you how.
  5. Challenge: Adding Scroll View Insets: Now that you understand insets, this challenge will have you add them to a scroll view.
  6. Keyboard Insets When a keyboard appears, it’s helpful to adjust a scroll view to account for the size of it. This is done by way of insets which you’ll learn here.
  7. Challenge: Adding Keyboard Insets: Your challenge is to add some keyboard insets to the sample project.
  8. Paging Scroll Views: Scroll views can be used to layout view controllers next to each other. This allows you to add paging to your app.
  9. Paging Control A paging control shows the user where they are located in a series of pages. You’ll learn how to use this control in this video.
  10. Challenge: Adding a Paging Control: Your challenge is to add a paging control to the sample app.
  11. Conclusion: This video concludes this section and gives a brief overview of the next and final section.

Part 3: Scroll View Recipes

In the final part, learn how to implement some useful applications of scroll views like slide out navigation bars and custom refresh controls.

Part 3: Scroll View Recipes

This section contains 11 videos:

  1. Introduction: This video introduces the final section of the course.
  2. Slide Out Sidebar: This video covers the theory behind the slide out navigation bar that you’ll construct in this section.
  3. Challenge: Scroll View Offset: Your challenge is to add an offset to the scroll view so that the proper view controller is displayed.
  4. Fixing Slide Out Issues: This video will fix the remaining issues with the slide out navigation bar.
  5. Refresh Control: iOS comes with a pull to refresh control right out of the box. This video will show you how to use it.
  6. Challenge: Add Refresh Control: Now you know how to use a refresh control, your challenge is to add it to the sample app.
  7. Custom Refresh Control: While the stock pull to refresh is nice, a custom pull to refresh is pretty awesome. In the remaining videos, you’ll learn how to make a cool-looking pull to refresh using scroll views.
  8. Parallax Scrolling: The custom pull to refresh has many different image elements. With a bit of code, this video will show you how to add a parallax effect.
  9. Locking Scroll Views: When a user pulls down on the refresh view, a nice effect is to lock it into place. This video will show you how.
  10. Finishing Touches: This video adds some polish to the pull to refresh and even makes Super Cat fly.
  11. Conclusion: This final video reviews everything that was covered in this series.

Where To Go From Here?

Want to check out the course? You can watch the first three videos for free! The rest of the course is for subscribers only. Here’s how you can get access:

  • If you are a subscriber: The entire 34-part course is complete and available today. You can check out the course here.
  • If you are not a subscriber yet: What are you waiting for? Subscribe now to get access to our updated Scroll View School course and our entire catalog of over 500 videos.

Stay tuned for more new and updated iOS 11 courses to come. I hope you enjoy our course! :]


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