What’s This Blog About?

Learn the history of raywenderlich.com by reading Ray’s thoughts on what’s this blog about. By Ray Wenderlich.

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What’s This Blog About?

2 mins

Image credit: Carsten Mueller


Update 4/12/13: This is the second post I ever had on this blog – this site has really grown since then! Now this site is no longer just my personal blog – we now have a large team of developers working together to create high quality programming tutorials and a strong community. Learn more in a recent retrospective while I was searching for our first employee.

Before I proceed much further into blogging, I thought I’d discuss what’s this blog about, anyway.

In a nutshell, this is going to be my personal software development blog. At this time I’m focusing primarily on iPhone development so for now that will be the main focus, but I also have interests in C, Python, web development, and much more that will find its way into these pages as well. Finally, I am in the beginning stages of building an indie software business, so I will share my thoughts on topics related to that from time to time.

The reason why I wanted to have a software development blog is to share useful news and information that I learn that may be useful to others – and hopefully also to to meet fellow developers.

As for my interests in gaming, I will be setting up a separate blog for that as the interest sets are slightly too disjoint for one blog.

It will be interesting to see how this blog turns out! As with most blogs, in the beginning it feels like I’m speaking to the void, but hopefully with enough time and hard work that will change.