Introducing New Cocos2D Sample Game: Tom the Turret

This post introduces a free Cocos2D sample game called Tom the Turret. By Ray Wenderlich.

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Introducing New Cocos2D Sample Game: Tom the Turret

2 mins

This turret has gained self awareness!

This turret has gained self awareness!

This is just a quite note to let you guys know about a new Cocos2D sample game out there for you guys to check out – and it comes with the latest beta version of Cocos2D!

The game is called Tom the Turret and is about a turret who gains self-awareness in an apocolyptic future. It’s a shooter in the style of the How To Make A Simple iPhone Game With Cocos2D Tutorial, and features multiple levels and endings!

Steve Oldmeadow and I wrote this project to demonstrate how to use the CocosDenshion sound library, and to give an example of how to put together some of the concepts from the tutorials on this site into a complete game. The art was made by my lovely wife, as usual!

What Does it Include?

Tom the Turret demonstrates how to do the following in a simple game with Cocos2D:

  • How to use the CocosDenshion sound engine effectively
  • How to have multiple scenes (loading scene, main menu, story scene, action scene)
  • How to have multiple levels and monsters
  • How to shoot in 360°
  • How to draw health bars
  • How to use Spritesheets and animations (I’ll be posting a tutorial on this soon btw!)
  • And much more!

So be sure to check it out – and choose your favorite ending!

Tom the Turret Screenshot: Level 2

How Do I Get It?

Simply download a copy of Cocos2D 0.99.4-beta that was recently released by riq.

Open up the cocos2d-iphone.xcodeproj, set your Active Target and Active Executable to “CocosDenshion – Tom the Turret”, compile, run, and enjoy!

Questions, Comments?

After you check out the project, if you have any questions or would like anything explained, feel free to post below!

Steve Oldmeadow may be writing some notes about the audio implementation in this game on the Cocos2D forums and the Cocos2D wiki, so stay tuned there as well!