Open Call for Applications on the Flutter Team

The Flutter team is growing! Read on for how to apply. By Annette Marlette.

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The Flutter team is growing and we’re looking for senior Flutter developers to help us create new content. If you’re a senior Flutter developer and haven’t applied in the past six months, then you may be just who we’re looking for.

Note: These are paid, part-time, 100% remote, contract positions that you can do on your own schedule.

What are the Open Roles?

If you love learning new things and teaching people about them, then this role may be for you.

* Time commitment: Flutter authors are expected to author 3-4 articles per year.

* Time commitment: Flutter tech editors are expected to tech edit 3-4 articles per year.

  1. Author: Authors focus on writing new high quality articles, and updating existing articles. We prefer to write about topics of interest to a wide audience – especially on particularly hot topics.
  2. Tech Editor: Tech editors are the backbone of our site. They make sure each article coming out of our team is top-notch.

What are the Requirements?

  1. Senior Flutter developer, ideally with 3+ years of experience. It’s a plus if you’ve mentored other developers, but not required. If you’re a junior developer and feel ready for this challenge, please apply!
  2. You should be a good writer with very fluent English writing skills. Ideally, you have experience writing about technical topics in English.
  3. You should be comfortable learning about brand new topics that you’ve never done before; some of which may be poorly documented or not documented at all.
  4. You should have a strong work ethic because this will be a significant time commitment and you must be able to deliver on deadline.

Why Join the Tutorial Team?

  1. We’re a group of over 330 elite developers from around the world, who team up to create the highest quality articles, books and videos on the Internet. We’re always looking for talented developers to join our team, and we’d love for you to be a part!
  2. Learning: You’ll always be learning something new — and you’ll have fun doing it! You’ll become a better developer and writer, receiving helpful feedback along the way. The best part is that you’ll make a lot of new friends who are also passionate about Flutter development.
  3. Money: Get paid to learn! We offer the highest rates in the industry.
  4. Special Opportunities: Members of the Tutorial team get access to special opportunities such as contributing to our books or videos, being a guest or possibly even a seasonal co-host on our podcast, working on team projects and much more.
  5. Recognition: Each article lists the contributors at the bottom of the article with a link to your profile, giving you great exposure.
  6. Make a Difference: We get emails every day about how our content helps our readers make a career change, get their dream job or make their first app. This means a lot to us, and it makes all the hard work worth it!
  7. Free Stuff: As a final bonus, by joining the Tutorial team you’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site. This is worth over $5000 in value.

What is the Tryout Process Like?

  1. Author: You’ll be asked to write a short, sample article to test your writing, technical skills and adherence to our guides. Pass that stage, and you’ll then work on a full article to complete the tryout process.
  2. Tech Editor: We’ll send you an article to tech edit so we can test your editing, technical skills and adherence to our guides. If you pass the tech editor tryout, you’re in and can be on the team in about a week.

How do I Apply?

To apply, email me ( Please include:

  1. Preferred role. We recommend only one tryout at a time but you can always apply for another role at a later time so if you have interest in both roles, let me know.
  2. Send a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or your resume detailing your relevant Flutter experience. Please list 1-2 examples of tech editing and/or tech writing you’ve done.

Where to Go From Here?

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! It’s a great time to join the Flutter team. These are fun and rewarding roles so please come join us!

Email me ( today and I’ll get you started.