Cocos2D Tutorial for iOS: How To Drag and Drop Sprites

A Cocos2D tutorial on how to drag and drop sprites via touch gestures. By Ray Wenderlich.

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Where To Go From Here?

Here is a sample project with all of the code from this Cocos2D tutorial.

At this point you should know how to move sprites using touches in your Cocos2D apps and games, and should know the basics of using gesture recognizers with Cocos2D.

From here, you could try extending this project with other gesture recognizers, such as perhaps pinch or rotate gesture recognizers. Maybe you can make the cat grow!

Thank you to all of those who suggested making this Cocos2D tutorial, hopefully this is useful for you guys. The more requests I see on the topic, the more likely I am to write it, so keep the requests coming! :]