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A post about the first ever forum moderators to help out at raywenderlich.com. By Ray Wenderlich.

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Welcome Sean, Adam, Shawn, and Nick!

Welcome Sean, Adam, Shawn, and Nick!

A few days ago I put out a plea for assistance for people to help out as moderators for this site’s forums.

I was overwhelmed by the response from the community – I was expecting 1 or 2 responses but ended up getting 14 responses!

I really wish I could have picked everyone, but I had to draw the line somewhere. I decided to go with 4 forum moderators – enough to make the load manageable for everyone, but not too many.

So I’m extremely happy to welcome Sean Berry, Adam Eberbach, Shawn Grimes, and Nick Waynik as forum moderators!

Huh? Who Are These Guys?

Picture of Sean Berry

Sean Berry is an independent iOS developer currently putting a lot of effort into Algebra Touch. He checks his email all day every day, or you can say hello on Twitter.

Picture of Adam Eberbach

Adam Eberbach is a full-time iOS developer in Melbourne, Australia, for Intunity, a local consultancy.

Away from the screen he’s driving his sons to swimming lessons and such, or cycling or gaming – WoW and L4D2 at the moment but Portal 2 is expected to take over soon. You can find follow him on Twitter or find him on Steam as Grue.

Picture of Shawn Grimes

Shawn Grimes is an independent iPhone/iPad developer located in Baltimore, Maryland. When Shawn isn’t defending the forum from spammers, he’s independently developing iPhone and iPad applications and games. Read more from Shawn over on his blog (Shawn’s Bits) or follow him on Twitter.

Picture of Nick Waynik

Nick Waynik is a software development manager for a marketing company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He’s worked on iOS applications for clients as well as his own personal apps and games. Check out his blog his blog or say hello on Twitter.

Nick is also a Technical Reviewer for the book Rod Strougo and I are co-authoring, Learning Cocos2D.

Thanks so much to these guys for helping out, and you will see them around on the forums!

Where To Go From Here?

I’d like to make these forums as helpful to people as possible, so if you want to help out please stop by and answer questions when you can! The more people contribute, the better the community is.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions on how to improve the site or the forums, please let me know!