Flutter Fall Event 2021 & Flutter Apprentice FAQ

Answers to your questions about the Flutter Apprentice and the Flutter Fall Event from raywenderlich.com and the Flutter team at Google!

Thanks for checking out the Flutter Apprentice, and our Flutter Fall Event! Here are the details of this promotion and how to take advantage of this opportunity.

What is the Flutter Fall Event?

raywenderlich.com is partnering with the Flutter team at Google to provide you with free and complete access to our best book to learn Flutter development – Flutter Apprentice!

From Oct 6, 2021 to January 6, 2022, you can read Flutter Apprentice through our online reader, where you’ll get access to the complete book, along with the complete source code for the projects in the book.

The Flutter Team at Google is also supporting your Flutter learning through an online book club hosted by Flutter experts, along with other events the Flutter Team has planned throughout the three-month promotion.

Why is the Flutter Fall Event happening?

Flutter is quickly becoming a popular framework for mobile development, and the Flutter team at Google wants to help as many developers as possible experience the rich, robust and rapid development that’s possible through the Flutter framework.

So we’re offering three free months of access to a special edition of our Flutter Apprentice book to support this goal, and the Flutter team at Google will be offering book clubs and other events and opportunities throughout the three months of the event to support you as you learn how to build your next best apps using Flutter.

How do I get access to the Flutter Apprentice as part of this event?

It’s easy to participate in this event! To get three months access to Flutter Apprentice, simply head over to the URL below, and click the button on that page to get access to the special edition of the book:

If you don’t have an account at raywenderlich.com, you’ll be prompted to create an account first. But once that’s done, you’ll get access to the book and all of the project source code included.

What happens after the three-month promotion is over?

You’ll have full and complete access to Flutter Apprentice, and all of the project source code, for the full three months of the promotion. But access to the book through this free offer will end on January 6, 2021.

This three-month window of availability is there to help give you structure to learning Flutter; we’d hate for you to simply get the free book, do nothing with it, and have it sit there for years — because you won’t get any benefit out of it. Instead, we know that the best developers learn by doing, and we want you to get the full advantage of the book in conjunction with the events hosted by the Flutter team at Google.

What if I already own the book?

Even if you already own the book, you’ll get the same free, three-month access to this special edition of Flutter Apprentice. Simply head over to the URL below, and click the button on that page to get access to the special edition of the book:

Can I get the book in PDF or ePUB format for this event? How can I keep a copy of the book after the promotion is over?

During the promotion, you’ll have full access to the book and the project source code through our online reader, but you won’t have access to the PDF or ePUB version of the book — sorry.

If you *do* want to purchase the book in ePUB or PDF format during this promotion, contact our Support Team at support@razeware.com and they’ll help you purchase your own copy, which also gives you access to the book, forever, through our online reader.

Why do you ask to share my data with Google?

There’s a small checkbox on our landing page, asking if it’s OK to share your email with Google at some point in the future regarding this Flutter Fall Event, or other Flutter information or events. At this moment, we’re not sharing emails with Google, but if Google does want to follow up in the future with you about your Flutter experience, we’ll let you know via email to tell you this in advance, to make sure you know who is getting your email and why.

What’s in the special edition of Flutter Apprentice?

The Flutter Apprentice team has been working hard to bring the entire book up to date with the v2.5 release of Flutter — and as well, we’ve added a bonus section for this special edition: Working With Firebase Cloud Firestore!
In this special section, you’ll create a Firebase Cloud Firestore in your app, use it to add and retrieve data, and learn all about authentication and how to secure your data.

Where can I find out more about the special events run by the Flutter team at Google?

The Flutter team has created a resource page where you can get all of the up-to-date information about the special events they’re running, available here: