Arduino Tutorial for Complete Beginners: Using a Button

This tutorial is for those who want to learn more about how electronics (like buttons) work. You’ll use an open-source micro-controller called the Arduino to make a LED light turn on and off. By .

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Drum Roll Please…

At this point you should hook your Arduino up to your computer with the USB cable if you haven’t already.

Then simply go to File\Upload to upload and run your code on your Arduino. If all goes well, you should be able to tap the button to make the LED glow!

The resistor is not needed.

Arduino button

Where to Go From Here?

Adding a button like this has many uses. Let’s say you attached an LCD to your arduino and made some navigation buttons. Maybe you made a remote control with your arduino. Even though a button is a simple component, it still has a great deal of power.

There are so many cool projects to do with your Arduino – I recommend you try out some of the projects in the Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit guide if you have it, try out some of our other Arduino tutorials, or just get creative with it.

I’d love to see what you come up with! Send me pictures of your builds or ask questions in the forum discussion below.

Now get out there are and build something awesome!