How To Make a Music Visualizer in iOS

This tutorial shows you how to make your own music visualizer. You’ll learn how to play music with background audio, and make a particle system that dances to the beat of a song! By .

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Where to go from here?

Here is the complete example project with all of the code from the above tutorial.

This tutorial gave you a basic idea as to how to add a music visualisation system to your app. But you can take it further:

  • You can add more music controls to make the project a fully functional music player.
  • You could create a slightly more sophisticated visualizer that modified a separate particle system for each audio channel, rather than blending all audio channels into a single value.
  • Or maybe try changing the shape of your emitter layer and moving it around within the view.

While you're at it, check out Apple's sample project aurioTouch2. It's an advanced use of music visualization and a great way to learn more about the subject.

Have fun!