Readers’ App Reviews – June 2013

Check out some apps by fellow developers: an app to quiz you on your iOS knowledge, a social network for foodies, and of course tons of fun games! By Ryan Poolos.

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More great apps by fellow readers!


More great apps by fellow readers!

Summer is here, and so another set of great user created apps! As always I’ve definitely enjoyed getting a chance to experience your apps, and as you’ve come to expect, I’ve got some nice things to say about them. ;]

On tap (get it?) this month:

  • An app to quiz you on your iOS knowledge
  • A social network for foodies
  • A machine gun for your camera
  • And of course, games!

Keep reading for some app reviews for awesome apps made by your fellow readers!

iOS Developer Challenge


Whether you want to brush up on your iOS development knowledge or practice for an interview, this app has you covered.

iOS Developer Challenge is a quizzing app that will help you learn and test you basic iOS development knowledge. It covers frameworks, terminology, best practices, and more. You can even keep track of scores and post them to GameCenter for bragging rights.

Who knows, maybe your next interview, they’ll be looking at this on their iPad instead of their clipboard. ;]

Digit God


Put your left brain to the test and become a Digit God.

Digit God is a casual math game that lets you your good old arithmetic. You can choose between several different game types including timer and accuracy based versions. You get the option of a keypad or a drawing pad for your answer input.

Collect coins for bonuses or compete with others through GameCenter for mad bragging rights.

Word Warfare


Word Warfare is a fun turn based word game that turns your words into weapons.

Each letter has a point value. Each round of turns, you build a word and choose a weapon like depleting the enemy’s time or doubling your score. If your word wins the battle, the weapon takes affect.

A good bit a fun, and definitely a nice game to practice your vocabulary under pressure. ;]



Let’s see who payed attention in high school geography. ;]

GeoTest shows you a beautiful fullscreen interactive panorama of a random location on the earth. Your job is to guess its location. The closer you are, the more points you receive.

The app couldn’t be simpler, see a gorgeous panorama, tap where you think its at on the map. You can even challenge your friends on GameCenter to prove your geographical prowess.



CamBuff is the first app I’ve reviewed that has a hardware component and the first I’ve reviewed with an Indiegogo campaign.

CamBuff is a companion app for the CamBuff DSLR adaptor. It allows you to control all the features of your favorite DSLR camera, wirelessly over bluetooth from your iPhone. It will even allow you to preview pictures on your iPhone or adjust live video settings such as exposure and ISO. The app supports Time Lapsing, Exposure bracketing, and more advanced controls.

CamBuff is like having a touch screen video game controller for your camera and is definitely worth checking out on the App store, and over at Indiegogo.

Fizzy Factory

Fizzy Factory

Fizzy Factory takes on one of my favorite genres of puzzle games and nails it.

Fizzy Factory is your standard connect the colors style puzzle game with criscrossing paths and deceiving obstacles. I was addicted in seconds. Its got over 350 levels of color matching, soda slurping fun! Fully equipped with terrible puns and trendy jokes.

As you’d expect, GameCenter leaderboards and achievements round out this great puzzler.



Snapalicious is a social network for foodies.

Its a great place to post your high resolution pictures of that awesome meal you cooked the other day. Equipped with likes and commenting, this application does one thing, and does it well. It brings foodies together to share recipes and photos.

Fair warning: definitely not a good app to browse if you’re on a diet, the food just looks so tempting! :]

Muster my Monsters


Muster my Monsters is an iPad local multiplayer party game.

Gather round the iPad, pick a monster, and practice your reflexes and poker face at the same time. Its like Rock-Paper-Scissors except everyone can see what you’re gonna put up. And you have only a few seconds to change your mind or bluff out your opponent.

Cute graphics and animations help make this a fun game that would be a great addition to any circle of friends.

iFast Camera


iFast Camera is a machine gun for your iPhone camera.

iFast camera can take as many as 20 photos per second if you’re rocking the latest iOS hardware. It organizes groups of photos into folders to quick previewed and picking. Full support for locked focusing and exposure. You can take advantage of your front or rear camera.

You can even set your own delays and timers. There is a really nifty feature to start instantly taking photos when the app loads so you don’t miss even a second of the action.

Ryan Poolos


Ryan Poolos


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