Video Trailer: iOS Games by Tutorials

Watch a video trailer for our new book iOS Games by Tutorials, where you learn how to make 2D games with Apple’s brand new framework: Sprite Kit! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Video Trailer: iOS Games by Tutorials

1 min

Just wanted to give you a quick update on our new book about making iOS games with Apple’s brand new 2D framework: Sprite Kit. Check it out!

As the video shows, you’ll learn how to make 5 complete games in the book:

  • Zombie Conga: Play as a happy-go-lucky zombie who just wants to party!
  • Pest Control: Take the role of Arnold, a guy so bad-ass he never wears a shirt. Arnold’s town has been invaded by giant bugs in need of a good smashing.
  • Cat Nap: A game about a cat who’s had a long day and just wants to go to bed.
  • Circuit Racer: Become an elite race car driver out to set a world record.
  • XBlaster: Make an entire game with ASCII art and particle systems!

We hope you like the art and sounds – we’ll announce who made them along with our special guest authors next week.

Note the book is a work in progress, so some things may change from the videos before release.

You may notice that we decided to rename the book from Sprite Kit by Tutorials to iOS Games by Tutorials. This is because some beginners might not even know what Sprite Kit is before they read the book. :]

As a reminder – right now we have a special $10 off discount if you preorder both of our new books at once. This discount will expire when the NDA lifts, so preorder now!