Opportunity: Podcast Season Host

We’re currently looking for a new season host for our raywenderlich.com podcast. Apply now! By Katie Collins.

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It’s that time again – the raywenderlich.com podcast season 11 has just come to an end! If you had the chance to listen to this season I think you’ll agree with me that Nishant Srivastava did an amazing job as season host! But now, this means we are looking for a new season host for season 12.

What’s a season host?

For each season of our podcast we have one permanent podcast host (Andrei “Dru” Freeman), and one “Season Host” to be Andrei’s co-host – but just for one season (~12 episodes).

We’ve had an amazing crew of season hosts so far:
• Janie Clayton was our season host for Season 7
• Jay Strawn was our season host for Season 8
• Jennifer Bailey was our season host for Season 9
• Alex Sullivan was our season host for Season 10
• Nishant Srivastava was our season host for Season 11
• … and now we’re looking for the season host for Season 12!

What will season 12 be about?

If you listened to last season, you’ll know we dedicated season 11 to the book Living by the Code talking to some of the amazing developers, leaders and innovators honing in on the softer skills. This season we’re reverting back to a bit more ’tech talk’ whilst still focusing on softer skills as well.

We’ll be bringing back some of our ex-season hosts as guests for this season as well as some names. Again, we’ll be having a good mix of guests from iOS and Android backgrounds this season. Considering Andrei is iOS-focused, it would be ideal if the season host has a strong background in Android development.

Keep reading to find out more about us and the job, and to learn how to apply.

Monthly Livecasts

In addition to recording the podcasts, this season we’ll be adding in monthly livecasts. These will take a slightly different format as the podcast interview and will be more of a ‘round table discussion’ with additional guests on a certain topic. These will be very similar to our Google I/O and WWDC annual Livecasts we produce at the end of each podcast season. If you haven’t heard these yet, check them out here:

Why be a season host?

Being a season host brings a lot of great benefits:

  • You’re not starting from scratch – you have an audience of 6,000 downloads per episode, a proven format, and marketing support from raywenderlich.com.
  • You’re not doing it alone – you’ll be working with a talented and experienced co-host (who’s also a super nice guy) – Andrei!
  • People will recognize you – tons of people have come up to our podcast hosts in the past complimenting them on their podcast, recognizing their voice, chatting with them, etc – it’s like being a mini-celebrity!
  • You’ll get to speak with cool members of the community – you’ll get to talk with some super smart and knowledgeable members of the community, building connections and having a blast.
  • You’ll learn tons – by researching for episodes, and talking with experts
  • You’ll help others – by showcasing new technologies folks want to learn about
  • You’ll make a friend – Chances are good you’ll be good friends with Andrei by the end of this (for better or worse he he)
  • You’ll have fun – If you’re the kind of person who loves to learn and chat about technical subjects, you’ll have a blast!

Where to go from here?

If you’re interested, please email podcast@raywenderlich.com, with a little bit about you and why you’d like to be a season host. Please explain what Android knowledge you have (if any). Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! :]