Readers’ App Reviews – October 2013

Check out the latest apps from our readers! By Ryan Poolos.

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It’s that time again! Had another great group of apps submitted this past month, and I’ve enjoyed playing with all of them! Our apps for this month include:

  • A sweet guitar game to put your thumbs to work.
  • An app to get you off the couch.
  • A sweet app for when the inspiration strikes.

But that’s not all of it – there’s much more! Read on for awesome apps and games made by your fellow readers!



InstaMedi is a powerful application allowing medical professionals to share and find photos related to their field and specialty.

Finding information is fast and accurate using the powerful search functionality. The community can come together for peer advice with conversations attached to each image.

Recent industry news and white papers also appear within the app keeping medical personnel up to date.

Honey Bears


Honey Bears is a fun level based game that gives you not one, but two characters to control.

Each level has you trying to knock a bee hive down. The twist is you control both the knocker and the catcher and toggle between them to successfully collect bee hives.

The trick is to figure out how to use both bears quickly and effectively as the levels call for more and more complex combinations. ;]

RopeSkipping Pro


Skipping rope is easy. Counting, tracking, and recording stats is a whole different beast.

RopeSkipping Pro is an app that helps solve that problem. Simply turn on the app and slip it in your pocket while you exercise and it counts every hop, jump, and skip.

The app can record a simple count until you’re done or it can set off applause when you reach your goal.



Quadrominion will put your brain and fingers to work.

You’ll get a group of tetris like blocks that you must fit into a defined square. Drag and drop rearrangement makes for an easy to use app.

60+ puzzles should keep you busy while 50+ themes keeps things fresh.



Simblocity is a fun, simple, and clean match 3 style game.

It’s fast-paced and colorful with six themes and four power-ups. In addition to power-ups, you can build powerblocks with special combos for some particle fun.

It’s got Facebook highscore integration so you can challenge your friends. There’s also worldwide highscores so you can challenge anyone.

Anyone Guitar Free


Anyone Guitar is a very fun guitar hero style game.

Anyone Guitar works in landscape mode. So, you just hold your device with one hand and use your thumb to play.

But there’s more than just tapping. Multistring strums, single string plucks, and even tremolo are all possible in the game.

Anagram Fun – Easy


Anagram Fun is a simple word app based entirely around anagrams.

The app gives you a bank of letters and several clues for words. Your job is to come up with perfect anagrams for each clue using all the letters provided.

It has got a relaxing pace but a challenging vibe as you try to decode the clues.

Blurghhh – Guess the Pic/Movie/TV Show Quiz Game


Blurghhh is an easy to play, hard to win, guessing game.

You’re given a pixelated image and you have to guess what it is. Can’t figure it out? No problem, enhance the picture to reduce the pixelation.

There are tons of categories and a store to buy more.

This is a great game to play with friends and family. The pixelated images make for some funny suggestions.

Sang Kancil Primary1 English


Sang Kancil Primary1 English helps Primary1 students practice and learn their English on the iPad.

The app has 15 sections with over 500 questions for kids. It covers everything from sounds, to foods, to social skills.

The app tracks stats so you can look back later at student results and challenge kids to learn more.



Kolors is a truly unique match three game.

New colors appear at the center, organize them around the circle however you like. Get 3 in a row to earn points.

Power-ups like horizontal rows or ring rotations bring strategy to the game.

No need to rush. Take your time to work on strategies for color alignment.



Curious Caverns puts you in control of an adventurous bat flying through caves.

Collect coins, gems, minerals, and other power-ups but look out for snakes, owls, and skeletons! You can collect ammo to do battle with your enemies or just flap away for your life.

GameCenter integration for friendly challenges and acheivements.

Ryan Poolos


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