Readers’ App Reviews – November 2013

Check out the apps made by readers in November 2013! By Ryan Poolos.

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It’s review time again – and this Thanksgiving, we can all be thankful for some awesome apps from readers like you!

This month, we have some great apps to check out:

  • Some really unique and creative games
  • An app to manage your wallet
  • A zombie musical
  • A multitouch experience like you’ve never seen before!

Keep reading on for the usual dose of awesome thanks to apps and games made by your fellow readers!

Expenses 2.0


Expenses is a great app for tracking those pesky budgets, that looks great with the new iOS 7 style.

Expenses offers a full range of features to help you track spending. Add each expense and take advantage of tracking over time with graphs and more. Get notifications when you leave your favorite places to drop so cash so you don’t forget to enter the expenses.

Sync over iCloud and DropBox for all your devices. Foursquare integration helps tagging each expense with a place. Even export your data to CSV or PDF.


Teggle is an additive game thats very simple to learn but difficult to master. You’ll put your finger agility and reflexes to the test.

Teggle is a game born of multitouch. Swipe and tap your way to victory following onscreen cues as fast as you can. But be careful, one misplaced finger can cost you the highscore you crave.

Grab an iPad and play multiplayer for some real frenzied action.

Bee Puzzled


Every Bee Hive has a Queen. Help your queen lead the colony of workers on the mission to collect all the pollen.

In a mix of Tetris and Snake, Bee Puzzled takes ou through 72 levels each with unique challenges from tornadoes to frogs. Plan out each move carefully to extract as much pollen as possible from each level. Just be sure you don’t cross the streams. ;]



Cowpokes is a unique and fun game that seems to combine some of my favorite elements into a single game.

Cowpokes is an endless runner with Fruit Ninja controls and Flight Control demands. You are herding cattle down range and its a perilous journey. Steer your cattle through rocks, poachers, and more. Simple drag your finger to create lassos and point your cattle in the right directions.

I had a ton of fun pretending to be a herdsman for a day.

A Zombie Musical


Watch out, Broadway – it’s a zombie apocalypse! Stop Murdock Smythe from creating enough zombies to destroy the world and the drama that would unfold.

Murdock Smythe has created a potion that when added to the dead and combined with an eery melody the dead will walk. Reverse his melody to stop his evil plan!

Over 50 levels stand between you and the final battle between you and and the evil Murdock Smythe.



Ever get bored playing games with only one main character? Sandok is for you!

Sandok puts you in control of not one, but two boxes that need to get across challenging physics based levels. Each can move and jump, but boxes aren’t created equal.

Sandok’s got fantastic 2D physics, great grundge style 2D artwork, and plenty of addicting levels to keep the thrill of the hunt.

Left Turn Escape


Three lefts do make a right.

Drive a robot through laser beams, evil droids, robot-crushing bricks, and more. But remember, only left turns. Touch anywhere on the screen to turn left. Find the key to open the door and get out of there!

Left Turn Escape features over 60 challenging levels and 22 GameCenter achievements.

1 Solution


There can be only one! ;]

1 Solution is a puzzle game for everyone. Align the tiles to complete the path. But look sharp, not every tile may be needed to solve the puzzle.

Over 80 free puzzles with 7 packs available for purchase. Play all the way through 25 tile levels that will stretch your mind to the limits.

piZzap Mania


If you were a witch with the power to fly on a broomstick, what would you do? Deliver pizza of course!

Fly around the neighborhood delivering pizza as fast as you can to each hungry customer.

Levels are randomly generated for unlimted fun, GameCenter leaderboards will keep you striving for greatness while achievements give you hope along the way. Share replay videos with friends of you most daring pizza deliveries.

Equal, More, or Less


Equal, More, or Less is a game for the math heads in all of us.

The game is speed, but accuracy counts! Make your snap decision carefully to ensure no time penalties.

Challenge your friends scores over GameCenter while climbing to the top of the charts.

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