Video Tutorial: Beginning Breakpoints

The first video in our Debugging in iOS series. Learn how to set breakpoints, step through code, and use the Xcode debugger window. By Brian Moakley.

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Video Tutorial: Beginning Breakpoints

1 min


In this challenge, feedInt: is returning an incorrect value. Your mission: put a breakpoint before the method is called, step into the method, and then step over each line to find the bug. Let go those habits of NSLog() and may the Xcode debugger be with you :]

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Errata and Notes

  • Breakpoints can also be irritating when working with touch event code or code that’s in a loop which can cause the application to pause many times.
  • When I say that the go method was called, I meant the goTapped method was called.
  • Dragging a breakpoint off the gutter will actually delete it as opposed to turning it off. Same goes for deleting breakpoints by right clicking the breakpoint and selecting to delete option. To turn them off, open the debug navigator and individually press the breakpoint.
  • During the demonstration, I added a breakpoint to investigate calculateBill then restarted the app. This was necessary since I was not able to return to that method. Keep in mind that breakpoints can be added runtime, and in most cases, you will not have to restart your app.


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