Introducing Video Tutorials (Beta)!

We’re excited to introduce a brand new feature of – high quality video tutorials! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Introducing Video Tutorials (Beta)!

3 mins

I am very excited to announce a brand new beta feature of – video tutorials!

The quickest way to explain it is via this video:

Keep reading to find out more about these video tutorials, what this means for the future of this site, and learn how to lock in our early-bird discount!

Why Video Tutorials?

As I explained in the video, one of the most common requests from our readers has been that we start making video tutorials in addition to our written tutorials.

This is because written tutorials and video tutorials have different advantages:

  • Written tutorials are great for quickly scanning through a topic, searching through text, or if you’re a more of a “reader” type of person.
  • Video tutorials are great for following along as someone codes up a project, if you want to sit back on your couch and learn something useful as you relax, to see the “unspoken” workflow tips as you watch someone work, or if you’re more of a “visual” type of person.

Now on this site, you’ll have the best of both worlds, for however you prefer to learn!

Current Plans

Right now our new video tutorials are in beta. This means we’re still in the early stages and still figuring things out, but we have a ton of videos ready to go already, and more coming out each week.

Here’s our current plans for how this will develop over time:

  • Start out with the Core Concepts: i.e. data types, Foundation, Storyboards, Auto Layout, Debugging, etc. We recommend going through these even if you’ve been doing iOS development for a little while, as they go beyond just the surface and you’ll probably learn something new, firm up your foundations, and be ready for the rest of the video tutorials.
  • Then move on to some of our special interests like OpenGL, Sprite Kit, iOS 7 Topics, and Unity.
  • Then start going ad-hoc, based on suggestions and feedback from beta subscribers!

We’ll be posting at least one new video tutorial each week. The more subscribers we get, the more we can do – like I said in the video, if you can help us get enough subscribers for our video tutorials, we can unlock the entire Tutorial Team!

Early Bird Discount

I’ll end with some good news. Usually a monthly subscription will be $19/month, but while we’re in beta you can lock in a special early bird discount of just $15/month!

This early bird discount will expire once we’re out of beta, so be sure to grab this discounted rate while you still can.

That’s it for this post – to learn more, check out the store page. We hope you enjoy these video tutorials, and stay tuned for a new video tutorial every week! :]