Special Announcement: Oculus WWDC!

Check out the latest app by the raywenderlich.com Tutorial Team: Oculus WWDC! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Special Announcement: Oculus WWDC!

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Update: April Fools, everyone! As many of you have already figured out, this entire post is a joke, so please don’t take anything inside seriously :]

Original post continues below!

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Are any of you nervous about failing to get a WWDC ticket in the < 5 seconds before the conference sells out? Well, never fear, the Tutorial Team has got you covered! In the past six months, we have been working hard on a brand new app that will allow everyone to attend WWDC - virtually. The new app is called Oculus WWDC, and allows you to watch WWDC presentations in realtime on your Oculus Rift, and socialize with other attendees virtually. Keep reading to find out more about the app - and stay tuned for a special announcement at the end!

Oculus WWDC Features

The core feature of the app is to watch WWDC presentations live in full 3D. Our goal is to give you the full WWDC experience. The app includes:

  • Full 3D simulation: See the presenters in full 3D, including a lovingly crafted model of Hair Craft One.
  • Head tilt support: Turn your head upon the announcement of each new feature to see the crowd go wild.
  • Controller movement: Tour Moscone with your Xbox 360 controller – even includes rumble support as you ride the escalators!
  • Multiplayer support: Showcialize with other virtual attendees using integrated voice chat.

The best part is we have made the app completely free of charge, to thank you for reading this site. In fact, it will actually save you money, because you won’t have to buy a plane ticket or book a hotel room!

That said, we have included two optional in-app purchases for the die-hard Apple fanboys and fangirls out there:

1) Full Experience Pack: First, for just $4.99 you can purchase some optional components to simulate the full WWDC experience. This includes a virtual box lunch each day, and a “Moscone line-waiting” simulation. Between these, you will feel like you are really there.

Virtual box lunch

Virtual box lunch

Virtual box lunch – exterior view

Virtual box lunch - exterior view

Virtual line simulator

Virtual line simulator

2) Virtual Handshake. Second, for for just 99c, you can give Tim Cook a virtual handshake. There’s nothing more satisfying than thanking the man himself – in virtual person.

Virtual handshake with Tim Cook

Virtual handshake with Tim Cook

Special Announcement

Update 4/1/14: We just got a phone call from Mark Zuckerberg, who is really excited about this app. He says it fits in perfectly with Facebook’s goals of “making the world more open and connected”. So today, we are happy to announce that Facebook is acquiring raywenderlich.com for a bucket of cash!

Don’t worry, Facebook has promised to give us full independence and very little changes day-to-day at this site. Except for a few small, tiny little things.

First, we will be renaming the site. As you may have noticed in the header, henceforth we will be known as rayzuckerberg.com. Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

Hey don’t judge – everybody has a price!

Hey don't judge - everybody has a price!

Second, Mark has requested that we make a small update to Oculus WWDC in order to present a more authentic Facebook experience. Here is our mockup of what the app will look like after these minor changes.

Oculus WWDC after Facebook acquisition

Oculus WWDC after Facebook acquisition

I encourage you all to download Oculus WWDC for free so you have it ready to go in advance. If you want, you even make use of the line simulator now to reserve the best virtual seat.

Download now!

I’m proud to be a member of this community – thank you all for helping us take virtual conferences and tutorials forward and trusting us to deliver. We won’t let you down – that would be just foolish!