ReactiveCocoa Tech Talk Video

Check out our tech talk on ReactiveCocoa – for complete beginners! By Ray Wenderlich.

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ReactiveCocoa Tech Talk Video

1 min

The first Tuesday of each month, one of the members of the team gives a Tech Talk, and by popular request we’ve started to stream these live.

Today in our April Tech Talk, Colin Eberhardt (CTO of ShinobiControls) and Justin Spahr-Summers (co-creator of ReactiveCocoa) gave an excellent talk and Q&A on ReactiveCocoa.

Here’s the video for anyone who didn’t get a chance to watch!

Helpful Links

Here are some handy links to learn more about ReactiveCocoa:

Want to Join Us Next Month?

Thanks again Colin and Justin for giving a great talk and Q&A, having the guts to present to a live audience :] And thank you to everyone who attended – we hope you enjoyed it!

Next month, our May Tech talk will be on Procedural Level Generation in Games, with Tutorial Team member Kim Pedersen.

We will be broadcasting this talk live on Tuesday, May 6 at 2:00 PM EST, so if you want to join us sign up here! As you watch the talk, you can submit any Q&A you may have live.

Hope to see some of you there! :]