Readers’ App Reviews – April 2014

Check out apps made by fellow readers in April 2014! By Ryan Poolos.

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April is finally here, and boy have you all been busy. There were more than 60 submissions since last month’s review article!

It was very hard to narrow them down this month, and I encourage everyone to check the Honorable Mentions at the end of the article. There were tons of great games I just didn’t have time to review this month.

Here are the highlights of the month:

  • An awesome iPad app that lets you make music with chips
  • A game mixing physics and color theory
  • A word game from your steampunk dreams

So stop what you’re doing now: it’s app time!

Chiptunes Pro

Chiptunes is an amazing app that lets you make music the old fashioned way. No, not with instruments silly – with circuits!

Drag and drop any circuits you need to make an awesome tune. You’ve got tuners, multipliers, filters, splitters, and more. Everything you need to build awesome digital music.

Chiptunes even packs audiobus support so you can stream anything you make into other audio apps for recording, tracking, and manipulation.


Dum needs your help, he’s been trapped by an evil teenager with cruel intentions!

Help guide Dum through obstacles of all kinds from pencils to razor blades. Fly over sharp objects and head for that exit sign. Dum also has to help lead baby lady bugs to safety along the way.

Won’t you free poor Dum from these mazes of doom?! Freedom is only a few hops away!

Mahjong Cards

Mahjong Cards is a spin on Mahjon using regular playing cards.

Mahjong Cards has beautiful retina graphics that look awesome on the iPad. There are over 70 cool layouts to choose from.

Its a very simple, well made game thats relaxing to play. No scores or time limits. Simple sound effects that won’t interupt your own music. This is a great game to sit and play while watching Netflix to unwind.

No-Hitter Alerts

No-Hitter Alerts is a must have for baseball fans.

No-Hitter Alerts will send you a notification anytime a no-hitter is in progress. You can set up custom alerts for your favorite teams or to be notified anytime 5 innings of no-hitters are pitched.

No-Hitter Alerts has live streaming updates and a season leaderboard for the most no-hitter innings by pitcher.

No-Hitter Alerts will also suggest TV and Radio stations to get in on the action along with weblinks to pitch by pitch coverage.


Measure your own snores or even better, prove once and for all that your Grandmother snores!

SnoreCatcher listens while you sleep and records your snores automatically. It grades them and offers replays so you can relieve the lost sleep.

SnoreCatcher will hold on to all your sleep sessions so you can compare over time.

Kitty Pig

Kitty and Pig have banded together to catch butterflies.

Pig just needs to bounce Kitty in the right angle to get the most butterlies. Easy! except pig doesn’t seem to have figured out the bouncing on his own. So its up to you to steer Pig and make sure Kitty hits all the butterflies.

Its fun to watch Kitty bounce, but you won’t be getting any blue ribbons unless you keep your bounce count to a minimum.

Design Shots

Sit back and enjoy some Dribbble on the go with Design Shots: your new goto mobile Dribbble viewer.

Check out the latest popular shots or a few of the debuts for the day. Keep an eye on your following list. Share your favorite shots right from the app or add them to your reading list for a closer look later.

Mix It Up!

Mix It Up takes the liquid puzzle game to a new level.

Mix it Up has you combine multiple color liquids to beat each level. But you’ve got to get the mixtures just right. Too much blue in your purple and you’re ruined.

Mix it Up has awesome phyics and simple swipe to cut controls that let you guide falling water to its proper place.


Do you have a Roomba? Autobot is like that, but way more fun!

Aurobot is on a mission and you’re driving! Simple taps left and right decide which direction Aurobot points himself. Tons of obstacles stand between you and victory.

As it progresses Autobot gets faster and the spaces get tighter. You’ll have to have your reflexes ready for hairpin turns at maximum speed to get out of this one alive.

Smash The Bird

Tired of Flappy Bird clones? Me too! Smash the Bird saves the day.

Smash the Bird gives you the chance to obliterate as many flappy birds as you can before the time runs out. Not smashing enough birds? You can get a triple fire powerup!

With tilt to aim and tap to fire, this game makes getting Flappy Bird in your crosshairs the best release you’ve had all day.


Steampunk meets boggle in their additing word game.

Letters fall into the machine and its up to you to make the given word with the letters you have. As time goes on you’ll get more and more letters to choose from.

Watch out for bombs and keep an eye on the clock, this machine has a schedule to keep!

Phyics and steampunk graphics throughout the game at the flare to make this a unique word game experience.

Travel Memo

Travel Memo is a handy app to save places you like to visit.

Have you ever been somewhere and found a sweet hangout or a delicious burger bar off the beaten path that you’d love to find again if you ever come back? Travel Memo can help!

Travel Memo lets you tag locations and put them in groups. Great for that vacation spot you visit once a year but always forget all the good restaurants. Or awesome for marking the best coffee shops around the convention center of your favorite conference.


iCanMorph is an app that turns shapes, colors, text, and even your own photos into works of animated art.

With over 575 animated effects available, iCanMorph will keep you busy blowing your mind with some amazing effects like breaking up your pictures into hundreds of blocks and building a pyramid.

iCanMorph uses special particle drawing to be able to do all these animations at a solid 60 fps on retina devices.

Honorable Mentions

I had some apps I couldn’t review. Don’t feel bad, it wasn’t a popularity contest or even a rating contest. Forum members get priority, among other factors. I make time to try out every app that comes across my screen, one day I’ll find time to write about them all too!

Meteor Run
Capture the Tank Strategy Game
Shooting Battle Fighting Game
Flying Tiny Bird In Candy-Land Saga
Tunnel Dash
Prom Salon – Girl Games
Twerky Bird
Hungry Ray
Flash Tunnel
Tappy Fly
Tiny Flap Pig : Jump
Patterns for smart kids
You & Me: Story Maker
Trave Memo
Super 4096
Do You Know Your USA?
Flying Bacon
Balloon Sho-oter
iGroup IM
Wanted Bounty Hunters
Flappy Love Story

Where To Go From Here?

As expected, I really enjoyed your apps – it’s great fun to see what fellow readers make each month.

If you’ve never made an app, we’ve got you covered! Check out our free tutorials to become an iOS star. What are you waiting for – I want to see your app next month!

If you’ve already made the next great app, let me know about it! Submit here!