raywenderlich.com at AltConf!

A bunch of us from raywenderlich.com are going to be at AltConf next week – find out how to meet us there! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Are you super excited about WWDC next week? I know we are!

Well, there’s one more thing to be excited about too: AltConf! AltConf is a free, community-driven iOS conference running next week, right across the street from Moscone West. It’s split into two parts:

  • AltConf talks are in the Children’s Creativity Theatre
  • AltConf labs are Jillian’s

Myself and several members of the team are going to be participating in AltConf this year, and have some fun things ready for you. Keep reading to find out what’s in store!

1-on-1 Tutorials

First, on Monday 6/2 from 1PM-4PM (after the WWDC keynote) we’ll be offering something special at the AltConf labs in Jillian’s: 1-on-1 Tutorials!

Drop in and pick from our menu of 1-on-1 tutorials:


We’ll give you a live walkthrough of your chosen subject, with a cool demo and supporting material, doing their best to tailor the content to your interests and skill level. It should be a blast!

AltConf Talks

Several of us from the team will also be giving talks at AltConf. I’ll be giving a talk where I start with a game loosely based on a tutorial by Toby Stephens:

And then show you how to add “juice” to turn it into a game like this:

Special note for subscribers: I will be making a video tutorial series on this soon too :]

Also, upcoming book author Saul Mora will be giving a talk on “Are we doing what we should be with our time?”, and Code Team member Orta Therox will be giving a talk on “Project Eigen Post Mortem.”

You can see the full AltConf talk schedule here.

Hope to See You There!

AltConf is shaping up to be an amazing conference – whether you got a WWDC ticket or not. We can’t wait to see you there!