Reminder: WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React Live Today!

Come join our podcasting team in their live reaction to the WWDC keynote today! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Reminder: WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React Live Today!

1 min

This is a reminder that today immediately following the WWDC keynote, we have a special live tech talk for you.

It’s titled WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React!

Our podcasters will discuss all of the highlights of the WWDC keynote and give their reactions. We’ll also have live Q&A to hear your questions and reactions as well. This should be a blast!

  • When: Today, June 2nd at 3:00 PM EST – 4:00 PM EST
  • What: WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React! followed by live Q&A (come w/ comments and questions!)
  • Who: Podcasters Tammy Coron, Jake Gundersen, Felipe Laso Marsetti, and Mic Pringle
  • Where: Google Hangouts Event Page
  • Why: For learning and fun!
  • How: Visit the event page and a video URL should be posted. Follow the instructions there to submit your Q&A (via text) as the talk runs.

We hope to see some of you at the tech talk, and we hope you enjoy!