WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React! Tech Talk Video

Check out our special tech talk on the raywenderlich.com podcasters’ response to the WWDC keynote! By Ray Wenderlich.

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WWDC Keynote – Podcasters React! Tech Talk Video

1 min

In a special session today right after the Apple keynote, raywenderlich.com podcasters Mic Pringle, Tammy Coron, Jake Gundersen, and Felipe Laso Marsetti reacted with their thoughts and observations, with some Q&A from viewers. There was plenty to discuss – improvements, new developer tools, and counting up the apps/companies that have been sherlocked!

Here’s the video for anyone who didn’t get a chance to watch!

Want to Join Us Next Month?

Thanks again Mic, Tammy, Jake, and Felipe for giving a great discussion and Q&A! And thank you to everyone who attended and asked questions – we hope you enjoyed it!

Next month, our July Tech talk will be on Facebook Pop Animation Library, with RW Team member Ryan Nystrom.

We will be broadcasting this talk live on Tuesday, July 1 at 2:00 PM EST, so if you want to join us sign up here! As you watch the talk, you can submit any Q&A you may have live.