Readers’ App Reviews – June 2014

Check out apps released by fellow readers this month – from a brain testing game, to a must-have app for students! By Ryan Poolos.

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Summer is in full swing, and you guys still haven’t taken a break!

I’ve got more great apps to share this month from the community, which apparently never stops working :]

This month we’ve got:

  • A game to confuse your brain
  • An must-have app for students
  • A shifty calendar app
  • And plenty more!

Lets get moving – there are a ton of apps to check out from your fellow readers!


Maskify is a photo app that makes custom photos a breeze.

Maskify lets you add text, frames, and other elements to all your photos. Choose your font, border, color, and more as you dress up your photo exactly the way you want.

Maskify makes it easy to customize your photos right on your phone. Then you can easily share that new photo to all the expected places like Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, and more.

Brain Test – Stroop Effect

The Stroop Effect is a phenomenon that causes most people to have trouble reading color names printed in a different color.

Brain Test turns this into a game. You’ll see a color name on the screen in a color other than its name. Your job is then to select from two options the name of the color thats printed.

Get as many correct as you can in 60 seconds. It’s amazing how quickly you second guess yourself and slow to a crawl just because of this one small distraction.

You’ve got to try this on your friends and family!


ColourColor is a real world color hunt game.

ColourColor lets you take a picture and select a color from it. You then challenge your friends to find the same color in their own photo. The closer they are the more points they get.

There is a time limit so you’ll have to be quick and clever when trying to snap a response. Every color has the chance of a comment as well, so if you like color names, now would be the time. ;]


TotoTotems is a memory game. Ryan Poolos has terrible shortterm memory. Go!

TotoTotems has a stack of blocks each with a unique color. You get a few seconds to memorize the colors before it shuffles itself. You’ve got to spin the blocks back to the right color as fast as possible.

The better you do the more blocks they add, but don’t expect extra time. If you want to be embarassed, hand this game to the nearest 5 year old and watch them destroy your highscore.


PlaceTime is a challenging game that’s all about the angles.

PlaceTime has targets on the map with objects to push. Your job is to tap at just the right time and angle to launch the object into the target.

It’s simple until you have different colors, weights, distances, and timing to deal with all at different angles.

PlaceTime has over 90 puzzles to solve each with its own theme and challenge.

Price Contrast

Price Contrast is a utility for comparing price rates for items at varying quantities.

For instance, if you had one kind of juice sold by the liter and another sold by the gallon, comparing prices could be difficult. But Price Contrast lets you enter the base price of each item and then see them both converted to a common scale to see the true price difference.

Price Contrast has mass, length, and volume comparison but you can also do generic comparisons for any type of units.

Follow the Line

Follow the Line is a simple game all about timing.

To keep the white line on the track, you’ll have to tap at the right time to turn within the track. As you advance the speed gets faster and the turns get sharper.

Follow the Line has two game modes, a 30 level challenge mode and an endless distance mode where tracks are generated on the fly. I enjoyed seeing how far I could go.

Sketchbook Motocross

This one of my favorite kind of games!

Sketchbook Motocross lets you draw your own levels and then play them! With realistic physics and the ability to draw the exact level you want, Sketchbook Motocross makes my dreams come true.

Sketchbook Motocross even lets you download levels created by others, so the fun never ends. Compete on leaderboards to see who’s the fastest in the world!

Captain Drumstick

Captain Drumstick wants to be the best pilot in the world. But first he must navigate his way through the clouds. Will you help him?

Captain Drumstick is a beautiful game with simple controls. Just slide your finger across the screen. But don’t stop there. As the clouds come you’ve got to dodge them gracefully.

Help Captain Drumstick earn medals along the way and become the most decorated captain chicken yet.

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