Call for Applicants: Authors, Tech Editors, and Coders!

Interested in being part of the team as an author, tech editor, or coder? Apply today! By Ray Wenderlich.

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As you know, we are always trying to improve our written tutorials, video tutorials, and books on this site.

What we need most is a fresh batch of folks on the team, to contribute your passion, ideas and experience.

So today, I am pleased to announce we are having an open call for applicants for three different teams at (click links to jump to that section):

  • The Tutorial Team: For the first time since 2011, we are having a public call for applicants for the Tutorial Team! On this team, your job would be to write the highest quality tutorials on the net – whether in written tutorials, video tutorials, or books.
  • The Tech Editing Team: We are also looking for tech editors to join the editing team. On this team, your job would be to make our tutorials shine from a technical perspective.
  • The Code Team: This is a brand new team that we are actively recruiting for for the first time ever! On this team, your job would be to develop sample projects demonstrating cool/advanced techniques that the we could then “tutorialize.”

For these teams, we are looking for advanced-level developers only. However, your experience could be in a variety of categories (not just iOS):

  • iOS App Development
  • iOS Game Development (with Sprite Kit or Scene Kit)
  • Unity Game Development
  • Android App Development
  • OS X App Development

Are you an advanced-level developer interested in joining one of these teams? Keep reading for more details on what’s involved, the benefits of joining, and how to apply.

The Tutorial Team

The Tutorial Team is an elite group of app developers and writers who are joining together to make the highest quality developer tutorials available in the world.

By writing tutorials for this site, you can make a huge positive difference in the developer community. Your tutorials will be widely read, and will help a ton of developers learn and grow. You may even help some developers start their careers making apps or games – making dreams come true!

And through the hard work it takes to write these tutorials and the detailed feedback from the editing team, you will become a much better developer and writer yourself.


As a part of the Tutorial Team, you’ll receive the following benefits (in addition to learning & helping others, of course):

  • Eyeballs. This site gets a lot of traffic – over 2.5 million pageviews per month and growing! When you publish a tutorial here, it will get read a lot, and people will love you for it. They will tweet your post, comment it on the forums, and give you feedback. You can be sure that a lot of people will notice and enjoy your hard work.
  • Tutorial Polish. When you submit a tutorial to, we will personally work with you to polish your tutorials to a high level of quality. Your tutorial will go through three edit passes: a tech edit, an edit, and a final pass edit. In the end, your tutorial will look much better than when you first submitted it, making you look really good. :]
  • Writing Training. When we are done editing your tutorial, we will send you detailed feedback on how you can improve your tutorials in the future. This will help make you a better developer and writer.
  • Personal Exposure. At the end of any tutorial you write, you can include your picture and a link to any site you would like for exposure (example). In addition, your will be featured in the about page, the Team Twitter list, and even the scrolling list of team members on the front page.
  • Money! The first tutorial you write to join the Tutorial Team is not paid since we give you a ton of free stuff instead (see below), but after that you will be paid for your tutorials as long as you stay on the tutorial team. We offer the highest rates in the industry.
  • Special Opportunities. Members of the Tutorial Team get access to opportunities not available to anyone else, such as contributing to our books and products, writing starter kits, working on team projects, and much more.
  • Contracting Opportunities. Members of the Tutorial Team share contracting opportunities we hear about to the rest of the team – a great way to find out about more work.
  • Free Stuff! And as a final bonus, by joining the Tutorial Team you will get a lot of free stuff. You’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site – over $500 in value total.

This is an informal, part-time position – you’d be writing about 3 tutorials per year. We do expect that when you are assigned a tutorial to write, that you complete the tutorial within 1 month.

Requirements and How to Apply

Here are the requirements:

  • You must be an advanced-level developer.
  • You should be comfortable learning brand new topics that you have never done before, which are either not documented or poorly documented.
  • You should be comfortable figuring out how to reproduce complex techniques from other apps with no guidance or help. For example, if you are an app developer you should be capable of reproducing some of these animations, and if you are a game developer you should be capable of reproducing a game like this.
  • You should be a great writer with fluent English writing skills.

To apply, simply send me an email with the following details:

  • Why do you want to join the Tutorial Team?
  • Please tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience.
  • What is the best app you’ve made or worked on, and why are you proud of the work you did on this app? [Please include an App Store link]
  • Please link to any examples of technical writing you have done in the past.
  • Please include links to: your GitHub account, your StackOverflow account, your Twitter account.

I will be selecting a few of the top applicants to tryout for the team by writing their first tutorial. If your tutorial is accepted, you’re in.