Jetpack Compose by Tutorials — Updated for the Compose Beta!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve updated Jetpack Compose by Tutorials for the beta version of the API! By Chris Belanger.

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About the Authors

Of course, our book would be nothing without the massive skils of our talented authors:

Denis Buketa is an author of this book. He’s an Android developer who always tries to learn new things and get out of his comfort zone. Besides programming, he’s a huge fan of audiobooks and podcasts. He also enjoys hanging out with friends and watching any kind of sport while having a cold beer.

Tino Balint is another author of this book. He’s an Android developer with a passion for learning and growth. Likes all geeky things like reading and watching sci-fi and fantasy, playing video and board games. Besides indoor activities, he also likes working out, being in nature, scuba diving, trekking and other outdoorsy action.

Where to Go From Here?

Jetpack Compose by Tutorials, First Edition is available today! Like every one of our books, the updated version of Jetpack Compose by Tutorials has been automatically added to the collections of all Ultimate Pro subscribers!

If you’ve already purchased an individual copy of Jetpack Compose by Tutorials, you can start reading the updated version in our online reader. Or if you prefer to download the book in ePUB or PDF format, you can do that by visiting the following page and using the “Access other versions and formats” link:

Want your own copy of Jetpack Compose by Tutorials? There are two ways you can enjoy this book:

  • Buy it individually: If you want to build up a custom library without a subscription, you can choose to buy the book individually. It’s available now for just $59.99 in our online store.
  • Get it as part an Ultimate Pro book and video subscription: Enjoy access to our videos and mobile development books in our Ultimate Pro subscription, including Jetpack Compose by Tutorials! Right now, you can get a full year’s Ultimate Pro subscription and save 20% off the cost of a regular monthly subscription. It’s simply the best investment for your mobile development career.

We hope you enjoy this updated edition of Jetpack Compose by Tutorials. On behalf of the book team, thank you for your support!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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