Readers’ App Reviews – October 2014

Check out apps made by fellow readers in October, such as an app about sheep herding, a dating game for fruit, and more! By Ryan Poolos.

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MADOW | Sheep Happens

Herding sheep is never easy.

Madow is a game all about corralling these helplessly silly animals down a mountain side dotted with cliffs. You control the bridges. But sheep aren’t smart enough to wait, so you better be ready.

Did I mention not all sheep are created equal? Yea Red sheep are blazing fast and black shee are slow. And of course, you only get to control half the bridges at a time, so choose carefully.



Texting has basically taken over all our lives. But are we any good at it? Lets find out.

OMG LOL Is a game just for the texters. Those double thumb junkies with a quick draw holster for their iPhone. You get barraged with text after text and its up to you to respond with the right emotion before its too late. We can’t keep our friends waiting!

Don’t miss the BRB bomb. Everyone needs a break once and a while.

OMG this app is awesome, BRB after I play some more ;]

Zero Lives

Zero Lives doesn’t need an introduction. Just tap and play. Its as elegance as it is simple.

Zero Lives is an elegant puzzle game. The directive? Collect as many hearts as you can in ever more complex levels. Along the way meet new obstacles and patterns. Think through the order of your moves because some maps are more asymmetric than they appear.

There are plenty of levels and they certainly get challenging. Just play and enjoy yourself.

Honorable Mentions

Every month I get more submissions than I can handle. I give every app a shot, but I can’t write about them all. These are still great apps made by readers like you. Its no a popularity contest or even a favorite picking contest. I just try to get a glimpse of what the community is working on through your submissions. Take a moment and checkout these other great apps I didn’t have time to showcase properly.

Blox 3D Junior
Join the Colors
Balloon-Popping Monster
Acid Storm
Tipster, The Tip Calculator
Spritz Read
Quick Stop NYC

Where To Go From Here?

Each month, I really enjoy seeing what our community of readers comes up with. The apps you build are the reason we keep writing tutorials. Make sure you tell me about your next one, submit here!

If you’ve never made an app, this is the month! Check out our free tutorials to become an iOS star. What are you waiting for – I want to see your app next month!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween, and eat a lot of candy! :]

Ryan Poolos


Ryan Poolos


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