Announcing Server-Side Swift with Vapor — Fully Updated for Vapor 4!

We’re beyond excited to announce that our book, Server-Side Swift with Vapor, has been fully updated for Vapor 4 — and includes a completely new chapter! By Chris Belanger.

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About the Authors

Of course, our book would be nothing without the generosity and tremendous talent of the Vapor team:

Tim Condon is a software engineer who has worked in most areas of the industry, including security, back-end, front-end and mobile! Having previously worked for the BBC, he is now the founder of Broken Hands, specializing in Vapor training and consultancy. Tim joined the Vapor core team in 2020 and divides his time between Broken Hands and maintaining the core Vapor framework and many other packages around it. On Twitter he can be found sporadically tweeting @0xTim. You can find more about him at

Logan Wright began his career as an iOS Developer working on many categories of applications from navigation, to customized bluetooth communication protocols. Always a major supporter of OSS, Logan met Tanner through the Vapor project. Eventually, that grew into a full-time position and the community as we know it today.

Tanner Wayne Nelson is an American software engineer. He created Vapor while working and attending New York University in 2016. He eventually left school to focus on the framework full time, overseeing the release of 4 major versions. In late 2020, he stepped down from the Vapor core team to join SpaceX.

Where to Go From Here?

Server-Side Swift with Vapor is out today — and even better, you can start reading the entire first section for free here:

Like every one of our books, Server-Side Swift with Vapor has been automatically added to the collections of all Ultimate Pro subscribers!

Want your own copy of Server-Side Swift with Vapor? There are two ways you can enjoy this book:

  • Buy it individually: If you want to build up a custom library without a subscription, you can choose to buy the book individually. It’s available now for just $59.99 in our online store.
  • Get it as part an Ultimate Pro book and video subscription: Enjoy access to our videos and mobile development books in our Ultimate Pro subscription, including SwiftUI by Tutorials! Right now, you can get a full year’s Ultimate Pro subscription and save 20% off the cost of a regular monthly subscription. It’s simply the best investment for your mobile development career.

We hope you enjoy this Vapor 4 update of Server-Side Swift with Vapor; and we think there’s no better bunch to learn from than literally the team that built and now maintains Vapor itself! On behalf of the book team, thank you for your support!

Chris Belanger


Chris Belanger


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