Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 5: Passing Data with Segues

In this WatchKit tutorial, learn how to pass data with segues so that you can pass information across interface controllers. By Greg Heo.

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Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 5: Passing Data with Segues

1 min

Beta 3 Update

Update (Dec. 19, 2014): Downloadable project files confirmed working in Xcode 6.2 Beta 3!

The biggest change from Beta 2 is the switch from init(context:) to awakeWithContext() as the first opportunity to set up your interface controller. You should switch to use awakeWithContext() wherever the tutorial says to use the initializer to get things working in the Beta 2 and Beta 3 SDK.


Your challenge is to pass the value of the “Offer Advice” switch along to the mood details controller, and then either show or hide the advice text label on the details controller. See the Challenge PDF for full details.

Download lecture slides

Download demo starter

Download demo finished

Download challenge finished

Download uber challenge finished

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