Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 9: Context Menus

In this WatchKit tutorial, learn how to use context menus to provide actions for the current screen to your users. By Greg Heo.

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Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 9: Context Menus

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Update (February 2015): Downloadable project files confirmed working in Xcode 6.2 Beta 5!

There’s an issue with WatchKit in Xcode 6.2 beta 5, where if you set the number of rows on a table to the same number it already has, then configuring the rows gets a little flaky. The updated project files wrap the call to setNumberOfRows as follows:

if posts.count != table.numberOfRows {
  table.setNumberOfRows(posts.count, withRowType: "PostRowType")


Your challenge is to set-up a context menu using code instead of the storyboard. See the Challenge PDF for full details.

Download lecture slides

Download demo starter

Download demo finished

Download challenge finished

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