Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 14: Handoff

In this WatchKit tutorial you’ll learn how to take advantage of Handoff to launch different interface controllers based on what’s being displayed by the Glance. By Mic Pringle.

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Video Tutorial: WatchKit Part 14: Handoff

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Note: Please note that the project we’ve provided here will run out-of-the-box. You will first need to make the updates shown here before compiling and running the project.

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  1. With Xcode 6.2 Beta 4, Apple has changed the way Handoff works. Specifically the method actionForUserActivity(_:context:) has been replaced with handleUserActivity(_:). You’re no longer expected to return the identifier of the interface controller you want to display, but simply present that interface controller yourself from within the method. The completed demo has been updated to reflect these changes.
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