Top 10 iOS Conferences in 2015

Check out the top 10 iOS conferences in 2015 – WWDC, 360iDev, CocoaConf, NSConference, iOSDevUK, and more! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Each January, we write about the top 10 iOS conferences in the coming year, so everyone can start thinking about their conference plans.

I have to say, this has been the most challenging year to write this article yet. The number of iOS conferences has exploded lately, which makes choosing the top 10 very difficult.

Mike Lee says it best: “We have always had a great conference culture in our community, and lately there seems to be an embarrassment of riches on a world scale.”

So please remember that this article is just my own personal opinion based on what I’ve heard from team members and the community. If I miss out on a conference you really like, please add your comments to this post, so everyone else can learn about it too.

The Conferences

Without further ado, let’s dive in to the top 10 iOS conferences of 2015!

1) WWDC and AltConf

The elephant in the room with iOS conferences is WWDC – Apple’s official developer conference.

Without a doubt going to WWDC is a must – if you can get a ticket, that is. Last year, Apple introduced a new lottery system to get tickets, so it’s now a matter of luck.

However, even if you don’t manage to get a ticket, you should consider going to San Francisco anyway. WWDC is the largest gathering of iOS developers in the entire year, so you can meet up with all your friends at various meetups and parties.

Even better, during the same time as WWDC there’s a great unofficial conference called AltConf, which is a great way to hear from some well known non-Apple speakers from across the community.

“WWDC is the conference that transcends all other iOS conferences. Developers from around the world make their pilgrimage to the the Moscone Center to not only hear what new devices, frameworks, and other Apple tech they’ll get this year, but to get rare face time with Apple designers and engineers. The conference is only half of the event, as during WWDC week there are countless meetups and parties for both those with and without tickets.”Erik Kerber

“The theory behind AltConf is simple: it’s worth being in town for WWDC, even if you don’t have tickets, and if you’re already there, you might as well go to the conference next door. The reality of what AltConf has become is an important addition to the very controlled stream of information Apple provides. Some of the industry’s best speakers don’t work at Apple, and some of the industry’s most important topics aren’t being discussed by Hair Force One.”Mike Lee

“For the first developer conference I’ve attended, WWDC smashed all my expectations and turned me into a blob of hype and excitement. Apple engineers in the labs are both friendly and helpful so I would highly recommend you go talk to them if you get a chance. AltConf, which takes place across the street from WWDC, featured some extremely high quality talks from several well known individuals. If you don’t win the WWDC lottery, you can attend AltConf and still catch some Apple engineers in coffee shops all around the city.”Jack Wu

2) 360iDev

360idev conference

I’ve made no secret that 360iDev is one of my favorite iOS conferences. It has a little bit of everything – technical talks, design talks, business talks, and great parties – and has a wonderful community of attendees that come back year after year.

Attending 360iDev always makes you feel like you’re returning to home, and meeting up with friends you haven’t seen in ages. I look forward to many more years of 360iDev to come!

“360iDev should be attended by every iOS and Mac developer at least once. The organizers do a great job at securing a good swatch of speakers for extremely varied topics and a fun atmosphere. It’s definitely affordable and usually paired with a hotel making a stress-free experience. This past year had a few logistical hiccups with the new venue they chose but still was a blast. I’m definitely coming back.”Aaron Douglas

“If I could only go to one conference this year it would be 360iDev in Denver. It’s a great mix of how to talks, introduction to new technologies, code and technology samples and business ideas and tips. The climate and weather are usually great and so are the other attendees. Don’t plan on doing any sight seeing, as this conference is packed with content.”Tim Mitra

3) CocoaConf


If 360iDev is the annual big gathering, CocoaConf is the periodic local meetup. CocoaConf’s unique trait is the conference travels across the US, having multiple locations across the year.

CocoaConf also has some fun unique traits like group discussions, game shows, geeky iOS songs, and more. Definitely recommended if one is near you!

“CocoaConf is a great affordable iOS and Mac circuit conference managed by Dave Klein and his family. This conference comes to at least eight locations throughout the year and is something every Mac and iOS developer should try to attend. Year to year some of the presenters haven’t changed but the content is fresh and the people are fun to be with.”Aaron Douglas

“CocoaConf is a great traveling conference which allows you to learn a lot without having to travel too far from home. It’s a great way to meet other devs from your area and your region as well. I enjoyed attending for the first time in the spring so much that I asked if I could put a talk together, and I would up speaking in Boston and Atlanta this fall.”Ellen Shapiro