Welcome to the Swift Spring Fling!

Welcome to the Spring Swift Fling – a 2-week celebration for our new Swift books, iOS Animations and WatchKit by Tutorials! By Ray Wenderlich.

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Welcome to the Swift Spring Fling!

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Spring is almost upon us, and it’s time to celebrate!

This is because we are releasing two brand new Swift books:

  • iOS Animations by Tutorials (today): Learn how to create delightful animations in Swift, through a series of hands-on tutorials and challenges: from beginning to advanced!
  • WatchKit by Tutorials (next Monday): Learn how to create your own apps for the Apple Watch – by building a fully-featured, rich, and engaging WatchKit app from scratch!

To celebrate the launch of these two Swift books, we are running a special event called the Swift Spring Fling.

The Swift Spring Fling will run for two weeks, where every day we’ll release a new post related to iOS Animations and WatchKit. We’ll have giveaways, tech talks, podcasts, free tutorials, special discounts, and more!

Keep reading to find out what’s coming – including our first giveaway! :]

The New Swift Books

Two brand new Swift books!

Two brand new Swift books!

As mentioned earlier, the Swift Spring Fling is all about celebrating our two new Swift books – iOS Animations and WatchKit by Tutorials.

We realize that most of you will want to get both books, so we set up a Spring Swift Bundle where you can get both books for a discount.

Note that the books are all currently $10 off to celebrate the book launches, and the prices will be increasing after the Swift Spring Fling – so be sure to grab the discount while you still can!

The Swift Spring Fling

During the Swift Spring Fling, we will be releasing a new post related to iOS Animation or WatchKit every day!

Here’s the current schedule:

Calendar for the Swift Spring Fling

As you can see, lots of fun stuff is planned, so be sure to check back every day :]


To celebrate the Swift Spring Fling, we will be giving away a few free books.

To enter for the giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post. On Feb 27 (the last day of the Fling) we will choose four random lucky winners, each of which will get one PDF+print book of their choice – either iOS Animations or WatchKit by Tutorials.

We hope you enjoy the Spring Swift Fling, and be sure to get the discount on our new Spring Swift Books while you still can!


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