Be a Language Editor!

If you’re an experienced copyeditor, join for regular, paid work that will help you grow!

The Kodeco Content Creator Community is known for making the highest quality courses, books and videos available online. One reason why our content is so great is that each one of them goes through an intensive editing process. We not only have technical editors who ensure that the code is correct and works properly, but also language editors who make sure that our content is read smoothly and that the language is clear, clean and correct.

If you have copyediting experience and would like to contribute to, we’d like to hear from you!

Note: These are paid, part-time contract positions that you can do on your own schedule.

Why Join Our Team?

  1. Helping Others: Our authors and tech editors are a group of over 300 elite developers from around the world, who team up to create the highest quality tutorials on the internet. You can help these talented authors hone their craft, while helping readers learn and expand their skills. That has a real impact on the world! :]
  2. Learning: You’ll always be learning something new — and you’ll have fun doing it! As a result, you’ll become a better editor and writer… but the best part is that you’ll make a lot of new friends who are also passionate about teaching others.
  3. Money: Get paid to learn! This is a paid freelance position.
  4. Special Opportunities: As a member of the Kodeco Content Community, you’ll get access to special opportunities such as editing books and products, being a guest on our podcast, working on team projects and much more.
  5. Recognition: Each content piece lists the contributors with a link to your profile. This gives you a solid portfolio that’s great to add to your resume.
  6. Make a Difference: We get emails every day about how our content helps our community make their first app, get their dream job or accomplish a lifelong dream of making their own game. This means a lot to us, and it makes all the hard work worth it!
  7. Free Stuff: As a final bonus, by joining the Kodeco Content Community you’ll get a free copy of all of the products we sell on the site. That’s thousands of dollars worth of books, video courses, and other goodies.

Our Content Pillars

  • iOS: Tutorials on iOS topics in Swift and SwiftUI.
  • Server-Side Swift: Tutorials on Server-Side Swift using Vapor.
  • Android: Tutorials on Android topics in Kotlin.
  • Game Tech: Tutorials on Unity, Godot, and other 3D game making tools.

What Language Editors Do

The language editor role is not a technical role. You don’t need to understand the code you’re working with. Instead, you’re expected to understand and improve the general flow of the tutorial. You’ll answer questions like:

  • Does this content fit our typical layout?
  • Do the ideas flow smoothly from one topic to the next, with clearly outlined headings and transitions?
  • Is the grammar and spelling correct?
  • Does the tutorial conform to our specific house style guide?
  • Is the writing friendly and easy to read?
  • Did it avoid wasting the reader’s time by going off-topic or being unnecessarily wordy?
  • Does it avoid colloquialisms that might confuse non-native English speakers?
  • Is it funny and enjoyable to read?

Language editors are expected to dig in and not be afraid to get their hands dirty by rearranging text or rewriting sentences, where necessary.

What are the Requirements and Time Commitments?

Language editors will receive about one tutorial a week, give or take a few depending on the current workflow and your schedule. This is an ideal job for anyone looking to work with a fun team and to level up their editing skills through regular paid projects. The requirements for this position are as follows:

You MUST Be:

  • A native English speaker.
  • Able to demonstrate previous professional copy editing experience.
  • Looking for long-term, regular work. We ask for a commitment of at least six months.
  • Willing and able to hit deadlines reliably.
  • Able to understand and follow a detailed in-house style guide.
  • Knowledgeable with AP style.

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Has a firm grasp of grammar/spelling.
  • Is detail-oriented.
  • Is a good communicator.
  • Is familiar with editing blog posts/content in WordPress.

Not required, but bonus points if you have:

  • Basic technical (programming) knowledge — this is helpful, but not absolutely necessary.
  • Experience editing technical documents (even if this is in a field like medicine, law, or science).
  • Basic understanding of HTML and/or Markdown.
  • A good sense of humor.
  • Basic knowledge of GitHub.

What Is the Tryout Process Like?

For the tryout, you’ll receive a mock tutorial to edit. Applying your technical skills and information in our guides, you’ll edit a tutorial so we can gauge your editing skills. This is a paid tryout.

If you pass the tryout, you’re in! You can be on the team in about a week.

How to Apply

To apply, send an email with a cover letter and your LinkedIn profile (in the email) and/or your resume to If we have an open position, we’ll reach out to you right away. Otherwise, if your resume looks promising, we’ll keep it on hold until another position becomes available.

Thanks for reading! We’re looking forward to hearing from you.