Readers’ App Reviews – April 2015

Check out some apps released by fellow readers in the past month, including an Apple Watch app, an anonymous social network, and some fun games! By Ryan Poolos.

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April has arrived and that means more apps from readers like you!

Just like every month, you’ve packed my inbox with great new apps and games. And as expected, I’ve got a handful to share with you to give you a snapshot of what the community is building.

This month we’ve got:

  • My new favorite word game
  • An anonymous social network
  • Our first Apple Watch app
  • And naturally, much more!

Keep reading to catch a glimpse of what the community has built this month.


Lettercraft is a fresh new game from the team that brought you GREG that makes word searches fun again.

Lettercraft has a time sensitivity that makes word searches unique. Every few seconds the board advances a level of heat. When tiles get too hot they burn up and can’t be used. Each time you use a letter to make a word, that tile drops a level of heat.

In addition to survival mode, Lettercraft has 70 levels of challenging constraints to keep things interesting. Things like only making words that contain the letter A or 5 letter words only.

And to support the statistics nerd in all of us, Lettercraft a full stats page showing your favorite words, average correct, average length, most used letters, graphs, scores, and much more.

Lettercraft tops it off with GameCenter leaderboards and challenge modes to see how among you is the Lettercraft champion.


Countdown is a minimal countdown timer that looks great on the retina display.

Countdown is clean and simple showing any metric you’d like for each countdown you schedule in a variety of popping colors. You can import countdowns from your calendar or birthdays. Schedule notifications for when a countdown finishes. And iCloud synchronization keeps your countdowns in sync on all your devices.

How many devices? Well you classic iPhone, powerful iPad, and now the convenient Apple Watch! Countdown is our first app to support the brand new Apple Watch. You’ll be able to check your countdowns anytime quickly and easily from the Countdown Apple Watch app.

Feed the Snake

Feed the Snake is a beautiful modernization of a classic favorite.

Feed the snake has cute graphics to breath new life into the retro Snake genre. The rules are simple, don’t hit the edges and don’t hit yourself. But with the addition of a few powerups the game gets a bit more interesting.

Theres a special tongue powerup that lets you snatch up your prey from farther away. Then there is a magic skin powerup that lets you pass through obstacles unharmed and come out the otherside. Then there is a special degeneration powerup that helps you shrink slowly so you can live just a little longer. All this helps you put the combo multiplier to work to climb the GameCenter leaderboards and compete again your friends.

Gifts Planner

Gifts Planner helps with one of my biggest problems, remembering what to get someone as a gift.

It happens to us all, we think of something perfect for that special someone only to forget by the time an occasion comes around. Or worse we get that someone the perfect gift, only to find out we’ve given it to them before!

Gifts Planner is here to make it simple and easy to keep track. You can add gifts for any of your contacts marked as given or planned and include prices and occasions to make sure you don’t forget.

Next time you need a gift for someone, open up Gifts Planner and you’ll be quickly reminded of your great ideas for the perfect gift.


ChypIn is a new social application that lets you share your two cents on photos posted for all to see. Its the first social network you can hear, and its surprisingly nice to just listen to people’s thoughts on various photos.

ChypIn is unique in that it builds a soundtrack for each photo made up of the voices of the entire social network. Anyone can listen and add to the banter. A variety of feeds let you browser for photos of anything you’d like to listen or contribute to.

Of course it wouldn’t be complete without the ability to upload your own photos and push notifications comments on them.

Track My TV

Trying to keep up with all your favorite TV shows can be hard. There are so many, all on different networks, with different schedules, and different seasons.

Track My TV is a new app that will help manage some of that for you. You can choose from a database of 20,000 TV shows and add them to your list. Upcoming episodes will be presented and you can get notifications for them if you’d like.

You can pick a show and mark older episodes as watched to keep track of what you’ve seen. You can get cast lists, descriptions, lengths, and other meta data right inside the app.

There is no easier way to keep track of what you’ve seen and whats coming up. Looking forward to iCloud syncing and widgets in the next update.

One More Roll

One More Roll is an addictive, fast moving game all about pushing your own luck.

Roll the dice and see a number. Roll up to three times each round. The next round you’re trying to get higher than the previous number. After each roll you’ve got a chance to bank your points or double down so to speak for more. Its a game of odds with a twist of greed pushing you over the edge. If you fail to roll higher all three rolls in a round, you bust and miss out on any points.

Roll the dice is definitely addictive. And with three game modes it will certainly stay that way. You can play against friends locally and remotely with GameCenter.

Ryan Poolos


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